Zammex Pea Protein Powder

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1200 g Size
  • 5.1G BCAAs



I literally had Diarrhea the entire time I used this product, and unfortunately, I went through half of the tub before realizing that this China-Modified bull**** was to blame. The day after I stopped using it, my body finally went back to normal. I also switched to the NorCal Organic Pea Protein and instantly noticed how clean it was when I drank it. Now I fully appreciate the benefits of Pea Protein over any other. NorCal does not use China to "Process" - and anyone who does (in my opinion) should not be allowed to remain in business. God only knows what horrible substances I put in my body over the last 3 weeks. YOU"VE BEEN WARNED!

Jonathan T

Major issue with the lastest order. After having purchased several tubs of this unflavored pea protein and being pleased, my latest order is a dramatically different powder. In the past, I found the powder to have a pleasant enough taste and experienced no issues. Unfortunately, the lastest tub has a strong, unpleasant sour chemical-like taste. I immediately stopped drinking it after the first gulp. In addition to a horrid aftertaste, I developed a stomach ache 10-15 minutes later (have never had this issue previously). I'm not sure if something changed or if this is isolated but, in either case, it's shaken my confidence in consuming this protein.

Steve Naz

I've used plenty of protein mixes and none have really done the job for me. Either they're too expensive, not tasty, or they claim to be vegan and are not. This HydroPea mix checks all of those boxes for me and then some! Wonderful product, will buy again!


Update: Unlike other reviewers, I have yet to get a 'different batch' flavor (or lack thereof), consistency, color or odor. It's still at this time, the one protein powder I prefer. _______________________________________________________________________________________ After one month, this is now on my permanent 'Go To List'. If you're looking for no extra added anything protein powder, this is it. The flavor is bland, since there is no added flavor. The flavor isn't' sweet, since there isn't any sugar, stevia, sorbtol or anything else added to make it sweet. What it does happen to be is 24 g. of protein with only 1 g. of carb per serving. I add a banana and Tbs almond or peanut butter to it with a Tbs of maple syrup and the flavor is just dandy. Mixes super fast in my Ninja gizmo.


Before I start this review, I'm going to state that I am not taking off any stars for the taste or odor that comes from this protein powder, because even though people have stated in their reviews that it is "odorless" and "tasteless", I was skeptic by their description since it's pure Pea Protein; in other words, it tastes and smells like split-pea soup. Other than the taste and smell (honestly, it's not that bad), it's a great product and about $12 cheaper than the stuff I usually get (MRM - Veggie Elite Performance Protein). I bought this because I was in a crunch financially and ran out of my regular protein powder. Now, this powder you can absolutely mix with water, and it doesn't really matter, unlike most protein powders where mixing it with something else gives it a creamier taste and texture. When I take MRM, I always mix it with almond milk, but this becomes costly, considering I'm spending about $12-$16 a week on almond milk alone (I'm lactose intolerant). Drinking this with water is a lot cheaper and solves the problem of having to buy something to mix it with. It has all of the same nutritional properties that MRM does, for a cheaper price. If you can get past the taste and smell of split-pea soup, this is an amazing plant based protein to use.