Z Natural Foods Coconut Milk Powder

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Anne P. Mitchell

This stuff is *amazing*! It's *delicious*, and basically is like powdered creamer if you stir a teaspoon of it into coffee or tea (only 15 calories per teaspoon)! Yes, it dissolves well (it's fantastic in black teas, Earl Grey, etc.). Here's how to deal with the clumps: First, I'm 99% sure that they vacuum-pack this stuff, much like those bricks of coffee, because when the package arrives it's *very* firm, with no play at all. Once you open it, you can start wiggling near the top and the powder will start loosening up (but just a little, at the top). At this point, dump all of the powder (most of it will still be in a brick) into a gallon-size ziploc bag, zip it closed, and start working the clumps with your fingers (from the outside). It will easily break up into powder, with smaller clumps. At this point either a) put the powder, as is, in an airtight container (I put it in two canning jars), or b) before putting it in an airtight container, while it's still in the ziploc bag, lightly go over it with a rolling pin and it will end up with very few (and only tiny) clumps. Brilliant!


Does clump. Calm down and break it up. It’s not “hard as a rock “. Works great with baking.

Martha J. Hicks

Wow, this is delicious! The powder arrived in perfect condition, slightly compressed, but easily fluffs up with a spoon. I added a heaping tablespoon to a large mug of coffee, and it stirred in easily. It adds a perfect, luscious milkiness that turns my coffee into a treat.... adding a wonderful smoothness and flavor without drowning out the coffee taste. I do not need to add any sugar. I am so, so excited to find this! // Update: I use this powder virtually everyday and had concerns about mold mycotoxins that can occur in coconut that comes from humid regions of the world. I had a laboratory test on this coconut milk powder and no detectable levels were found.


Great convenient alternative to the guar gum junk in a can! I'm following an auto immune protocol. There are some great salad dressing recipes that use coconut cream and olive oil combined. This is a winning combination. I love this product because I don't have to buy a can of coconut to get the cream! For example....Pesto....3/4 cup coconut milk powder, 1/4 cup olive oil, 3-6 garlic cloves, a shallot, squeeze of lemon, 4 oz of fresh basil, and 1/2 cup of water. Blend it up. Salt and pepper to taste! Delish!!! Makes 3 servings 2/3 cup each, 400 calories, 30 grams [≈ Ounce, 28.35 grams] of fat per serving. I put it over white fish and steamed carrots and kale. MMMMMM

R. W. DeFord

I stayed on an island in Panama for a couple of months during the winter and developed a strong liking of fresh coconut. Back in the States, I can get fresh coconuts at a local supermarket, but the coconut milk that comes in cans or cartons has added ingredients -- sometimes many, and sometimes not healthy. This brand of milk powder stands out for its limited (2) additives and them being on the healthier side. Plus, it costs me less than the other kinds. I use it in my coffee and my smoothies and have been VERY satisfied. I now get three bags each month on subscribe and save.