We Like Vitamins Resveratrol

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A. Evans

Capsules are 500mg not 1,000mg. If they are going to deceive about the dosage what else will they lie about? Docking another star: you should crack open the capsules. The purity of the resveratrol can be determined by the color. White/off-white is higher purity. Brown lower purity. This brand is a dark brown.


My doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory for me and it wasn't working at all. My son recommended I try Resveratrol and it has helped me so much. I was continually having to wear compression bands on my knees to keep the swelling down. Since taking the Resveratrol I've gone weeks without the compression bands. I strongly recommend it!

Jang Ho Lee

I have a strong depression I feel terrible everyday. After using this product I feel much better. Now I can study better and plan formy future better. I did’t bought resveratrol for this purpose but I can feel my trerrible feelings dissapear immediately after I take this pill. Idon’t mind if this is a placebo or not. I am taking many pills but none of them ever made me feel better. I was planning to try antidepressants but I think I don’t need them now. I am only taking one pill a day(500mg) since rasveratrol is a product that needs more research.But even with that dose it is working for me. Worked for me the first day I tried it. I wrote it like it’s snake oil or something but I highly recommend for those who are searching something new.


I have only been taking this for a short while. I'm taking it for lowering my blood pressure; joint pain, not to mention all the other added benefits of having a positive effects on blood fats, lengthening life span, protecting the brain, increasing insulin sensitivity and suppressing cancer cells. And that doesn't even count the benefits of being heart healthy. There's way more benefits in taking Resveratrol, too many to mention. This is the only Resveratrol that I have found that has the strength to support the claims required to give you all the health benefits effectiveness. All the other brands strengths are far too low to be adequate. While researching Resveratrol health benefits, one of the main complaints coming from scientists was that in order for Resveratrol to be useful, it needed far more mg than the average brands were offering. Not We Like Vitamins. I take one tablet with breakfast and the other with lunch. While I drink red wine, I would have to drink more than is healthy to get the health benefits you can get by simply popping 2 of these daily.


This is the second product i recieve from amazon when buying Resveratrol capsules and the come in with broken capsules and all capsules are tainted and powdered with the supplement powder. It has a foul and acidic smell and taste and unbearable to taste. I will not be buying this product from any amazon supplier until they have a better QA process and ensure customers recieve a quality product.