Vitapia Chaga Mushroom

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Before reading my review, I must say that this is a MUST HAVE essential supplement for your family. Before purchasing this, I have done numerous researches of its effects. After discovering that it contains many benefits such as prevention and spread of cancer cells (this was my finding based on google), as well as other countless efficacies, I decided to give this a try. So far, my mothers states that she feels more healthy and have more energy (I do as well). I am going to constantly monitor the results, but as of now, I feel happy that I have purchased this for my family. Will recommend to my friends and relatives!


I bought these for my parents to help support their immune system in these troubling times. Mushroom has a history of helping with immune system support so these were perfect. Anything to help support our immune system is vital these days so I am happy that my parents are taking these and are feeling more active and less lethargic.


Now that we're "safer at home" due to COVID-19, anything to boost immunity is a must. I'm taking these as a precaution and have not had any issues. There's no smell or taste to it, so I just take it after eating. A simple, quick way to aid my health, so why not? Recommend.

Anna V. Mazhara

Easy to take, does not have unpleasant taste; hopefully , will be useful for my body with time.

Han Shin

My grandma used to cook chaga in a pot for days and had us drinking the tea for our "good health". I didn't know these mushrooms were some super food. Glad to have these handy for my cholesterol and immune system.