VitaDirect Chaga Mushroom Powder

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227 g Size
  • High Quality Organic Chaga Mushroom
  • 227 servings, 1g per serving
  • Gluten Free, High Quality Capsules, Third Party Tested For Quality.
  • Premium Powder Providing A High Quality Dietary Supplement.
  • All VitaDirect Products Are Made In GMP Compliant and FDA Regulated Facility. Insuring The Best Practices.


Yulia Slepoy

I've known about Chaga potential anti-cancer properties for more than 40 years since my father was fighting cancer when I was a child. My thoughts, if this promise hadn't been refuted along all those years, most likely there is something in it. Since my family has a history of different cancers, it's natural for me to seek for potential ways to prevent and slow cancer growth. I can't testify on this effect since it would require clinical trials, but I will tell this: these pills are boosting the immune system, prevent different inflammatory processes, and fighting harmful bacteria and viruses. I can testify on energy and pep improvement after 2 weeks of use and on a positive impact on immunity by reducing the recovery period from a respiratory infection (possibly, undiagnosed COVID-19 with mild symptoms). The smell is a bit odd, but, then again, those are supposed to be natural organic mushrooms, and hence, they smell like ones. No side effects that I could indicate so far, so my conclusion is - determined benefits from vitamins and minerals along with potential anticancer properties with zero side effects - it's kind of no brainer for me.

Lisa Barber

This product is easy to use. Free of allergens and made in the USA.

Consumer Mom

This product has been helping me feel stronger and earlier. It has been part of my immunity-boosting process. It helps with inflammation, which is great after a workout. My lungs are working very well thanks to this product.

Richard Houston

Using as a supplement for Diabeties, mixed in water with several other supplements and tasted like Iced Tea.


If you are looking for the power of mushrooms, this is a great option. I wanted to get the immune benefits from chaga. So far so good. They don't have a strong mushroom/earthy smell. Easy to swallow. No after taste. This is a winner in my book.