Toniiq Resveratrol

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I’ve been researching Resveratrol supplements for some time on the back of the aging research done by Professor David Sinclair at Harvard. A few things worth noting to buyers here, with regards to the type of Resveratrol that has the most impact on longevity and things to look for: (1) Trans-Resveratrol is the preferred form of Resveratrol (not cis-resveratrol) (2) Resveratrol that is brown-colored implies that it has been exposed to light and is thus less potent and won’t work. You must store your resveratrol away from light and in cool temperature. (3) Professor Sinclair takes between 0.5-1.0 grams of Resveratrol per day – however there are no issues with skipping days. (4) Resveratrol is a fairly insoluble molecule, as such to increase exposure one should consume it with a moderate amount of fat (yogurt will do).
 I’ve purchased other brands of Resveratrol on Amazon which came with brown pills. This was a waste of money. Toniiq was the only brand that came white. Moreover, I requested proof of purity from them, and received the attached certificate of analysis, which confirms their 98% purity claim stated here. Personally, I take 0.9 grams [≈ US dollar bill, 1 gram] of Resveratrol (3 capsules) per day, and open the capsules into yogurt to ensure it is digested with fat. I’ve taken a baseline blood work prior to starting on Toniiq’s Resveratrol (which I recommend everyone does) and will report back after 3 months to highlight impact. For the latest research on Resveratrol I highly encourage you to watch Professor David Sinclair’s interview with Rhonda Patrick on YouTube.


I like the standardization to 98%. I take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 at night. I am taking it for kidney disease. All the studies that show protection for the kidneys is in the amount of 2000mg or more. I will have to buy this supplement 3 times a month, pretty expensive. Wish they sold larger amounts Or they made this in a stronger strength so I wasn’t spending $54. A month to get a therapeutic dose. However, my recent kidney blood tests showed my numbers are back to normal. I also take Coenzyme Q10 in the average dose. I highly recommend this brand. UPDATE: they raised the price by $1.00. Disappointing as I already by this product 3 times a month. There should be a larger amount or discounts. Still s Great product!

Melissa Porter

I suffer from fibromyalgia, sciatica and psoriatic arthritis. In the time I've been using Resveratrol, I've only reached for Naproxin a couple of times. I've felt more energetic and upbeat, despite the pain I've grown accustomed to. I highly recommend Resveratrol.


I decided to buy this brand after listening to Dr. David Sinclair talk about the necessity of using high quality reserveratrol that has been kept in a cool, dark place, and that brown reserveratrol is for all practical purposes inactive. I was happy to see the white powder in these capsules, but figured that leaving one capsule out in a sunny window would go some way to proving that what's in the capsules is actually high quality reserveratrol. I've included a photo which compares a capsule fresh from the container alongside the one that spent a few weeks on the windowsill. It's also worth mentioning that Dr.Sinclair reports that reserveratrol has very low bioavailability when taken in a capsule and is best mixed in with a bit of fat ie yogurt. My whey shake includes some fat so I've been emptying out the caps into that.

Sharon Ortlepp

I appreciate that this product has all the proper credentials. It is easy to swallow. I expected to get a lift in energy, and I did, pretty early on. I don't know if it was because I expected it that I felt it, but I don't think so because I have had more energy continuously since starting this product. I also noticed, and I don't know if it was from the supplement, that the dark spots on the backs of my hands began to fade. I have a feeling of well-being that I can only attribute to taking this Resveratrol.