Thorne Research Niacinamide

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180 Capsules Size
  • Vitamin B3: A non-flushing form of vitamin B3.
  • Sleep: Supports restful sleep
  • Joints: Supports joint health
  • Made with the purest possible ingredients


Di B.

We ran an organic acids test on my five year old daughter, who has been diagnosed with autism. One of the recommendations was for her to take added niacin. We had originally ally started out with the NOW Foods Niacin, which is really a great product in and of itself, but she would always develop a terrible flush afterward. I didn't think too much of it until one day I took a pill myself and realized just how uncomfortable and stinging the flushing felt, particularly in my joints. The flushing and discomfort also lasted a really long time for me, over an hour, and even when the flushing dissipated the discomfort was still there. It made me feel really bad to subject my daughter to that every day, so I did some research and found that niacinamide affects more or less the same pathways as niacin, but the flush is eliminated. From the day we switched over to the Throne Research Niacinamide, there has been no more flush. So for those who need niacin but hate the flush, this is your answer!

Ruby K

I have a dog with a form of Lupus. The treatment is a combo doxycycline and niacinamide and the one thing my veterinarian stressed was using a quality niacinamide, no fillers or low grade ingredients. Thorne Research was the one brand that met the criteria, pharmaceutical grade and no fillers.

Dr. Pepper

If you have tremors, this will stop them.


Doing it's job per my hypothyroid revolution book

Jeff La Croix

Using this to supplement against Raynauds. Seems to be working after a week.