The Renegade Pharmacist Colostrum

$59.99 Our Price
184 g Size
  • Nothing is added and nothing removed.
  • Promotes immunity, help fight infections, and improve gut health throughout life.
  • 87 Growth Factors, 97 Immune Factors, Essential Fats, Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals
  • Stimulates, regulates, awakens your entire bio-system for your good health
  • Helps muscle recovery after games and work outs. Provides better oxygenation and builds lean muscles


A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa”

SUPER LUMPY. Cannot dissolve....definately OVERPRICED. For the price you PAY it should be able to mix and not stick to anything you put it in. For example: if you mix in even in a bowl or cup with water, it DOES NOT DISOLVE AND STICKS THE THE CUP OR BOWL. I wish I could explain better. I even tried removing it from the sides and it remains there. (It’s like putting butter in water).

Brian Helmbreck

I have ulcerative colitis and this has healed me. I eat super healthy, but this really got me feeling great. I have more energy. I have a terrible dairy sensitivity but I tolerate this extremely well. The jar smells like delicious ice cream too. Every morning I have a table spoon with my blueberry/banana/water smoothie. I stopped taking for a while because I found it expensive...then I had a flare. Now that I've been on it again and I'm much better, no more bloody stools. Gut healing.

Syl Leve

Taking this product has helped me tremendously, I can't not stop ranting and raving. When you constantly are going to the bathroom and have bloody stools with no end insight. Within two weeks I was back to my normal self. I have tried different meds but nothing helped like Renegade Colostrum, it is a part of my morning ritual. I have to watch what I eat and when I do eat something that doesn't agree with me my recovery time is back by the next day. Thank you Renegade Pharmacist! Please check out his website.

Amazon Fanatic

Tastes chalky as expected. Mixed with a little yogurt it’s fine. I’ve noticed more energy while taking at least once per day. My family caught a summer cold and I upped my dose to twice per day and stayed well.

Gloria Bond

I had horrible stomachaches from stress. Within two days it relieved the pain. I have been using it every day and have started on my second jar. I take 3TBS morning and evening. I love it!