Terrasoul Superfoods Pea Protein

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1.5 lbs Size
  • Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Pea Protein Powder (80% Protein), 1.5 Pounds
  • USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • Our protein powder isoltate is made from USDA certified organic yellow peas and laboratory tested for purity
  • Having a minimal flavor our pea protein is perfect for post workout recovery and adding protein to recipes
  • 100% Money-Back Quality Guarantee


Neil L. Howell

I've been taking pea protein for a while and ordered this because it was a great price for organic pea protein. From the first day I took it, I didn't feel right. I was tired, irritable and sleeping much more than usual. I thought I might be coming down with a cold but never developed symptoms. I just stayed tired and lacked motivation. After 6 days of sleeping much more than usual and feeling horrible, I stopped using this product and started feeling better right away. I'm now using another pea protein and have none of these problems. I'm not sure what is wrong with this product but I see from a few other reviews that some people have an adverse reaction to it. Their product description says "Like all other organic pea protein powders ours is also manufactured in China". The one I'm using now is from Canada


Okay let me get the bad news out of the way. This stuff tastes really nasty! But the bad taste is actually a good thing. You see there is only one ingredient in this product (organic pea protein). Unlike just about every other protein powder out there, it does not contain any artificial or natural sweeteners to mask the nasty flavor. When I put this in my smoothies, the bad flavor generally disappears and is un-noticeable. If I drink it plain, I add just the least amount to sugar, and it’s quite fine. So I get the best of both worlds depending on how I want to use it.


Well it's arrived, and having read the reviews, it lives up to the good review expectations. Great in my smoothie, no aftertaste to speak of! I say buy it! Now, my message to Lonestaryankee, who gave this only two stars DESPITE admitting the actual product was just fine... you marked it down because you made a mess in your corporate setting, when really all you should have done was decant it into a container (with a wide opening for your obvious cluster@&$?-edness). I use an oxo pop top container, try it! Not corporate enough, cover the container in your corporate logo or something, I don't know! Oh, when I decanted it into said container, I prepared myself for the yellow flour-like explosion you complained of, I wore my painting clothes, sealed all the exits from my kitchen with zipwall plastic, and went for it. To my shock, I didn't spoil a drop on my surfaces, and lived long enough to write this review. My conclusion, your middle name is princess. To all others, this product is no messier than your average Joe protein powders. A good buy for sure. To the supplier... feel free to send me a 5lb bag for this awesome review. Peace, Out.


I'm a bodybuilder that recently started eating a vegan diet, and this protein has been a fantastic replacement for whey protein. This stuff doesn't have any extra chemicals or additives, so it does taste bad. I mash up two bananas in a bowl and mix in 30g of this stuff to create a delicious protein banana pudding (note that using 1 banana will not completely hide the pea flavor, which is nasty imho). Also, the serving size indicates that a tablespoon weighs about 10g, but I found it only weighs about 7g using my calibrated food scale. If you're finicky about this kind of stuff, make sure to find your own "scooper" such that it meets the grams of powder you need to reach your goals. Oh, and the fact that you can get almost 5 pounds for $30 bucks is a steal! Whey protein costs twice as much and is loaded with extra crap you don't need. And "naked whey" is a complete hustle at $90 for a 5 lb bottle.


Most protein powders are anywhere from $1.50 to over $2 per 24-ish grams of protein. This one is right around 51 cents per 24 grams of protein (3 servings of 8gm per serving). Very affordable, no flavor and mixes well into smoothies. I bought the Terrasoul Organic Brown Rice Protein as well and mixed them both up for a more complete amino acid profile. This works out to about $16 per month for daily intake of 24 grams of protein. Super affordable! Highly recommended.