Symbiotics Colostrum

$59.95 Our Price
180 g Size
  • Made in the USA
  • Immune Boosting
  • Enhances normal immune factors
  • Helps promotes a healthy gut and intestinal flora
  • Supports Recovery & Muscle Growth after exercise
  • 25% IgG Antibodies – Pure & Bioavailable Colostrum


domestic goddess

This has been an amazing supplement to heal troublesome digestion issues. I had to really tune into my gut health to restore my inner get health following a longer term round of antibiotics. I put 1 teaspoon into a smoothie in the morning and found that it has helped me regain digestive balance.

dan christian

We mix this powder with orange juice not from concentrate and mix it up with a little battery operated stick mixer ($9). Works great and the powder itself tastes fine - even better in the OJ. First sign of coming down with something, we take it along with emergency C, and feel fine in short order. We have a sick Labrador retriever and it's been helping her as well - just mix it in with her food and she does not

Mark Conklin

It has sugar in it. Not sure why they would add such an unhealthy ingredient to such an otherwise healthy product.

Chronicler of the Barnacles

This is the second time I have ordered your product. Some years have passed when I haven't used it. I am happy to have it again. It is very helpful especially in this allergy season.


I looked into alot of colostrum products and this is the one I tried and I really like it. I also feel a difference in my energy levels and this is a good thing! Don't know if its the product or not but I do feel a difference.