SYM Nutrition L-Theanine

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120 Caps (200 mg) Size
SYM Nutrition L-Theanine
  • QUALITY – Professionally manufactured in a cGMP registered facility in USA and thoroughly tested
  • AUTHENTIC – Expertly formulated without any chemical preservatives or unnecessary filler ingredients
  • HIGH-GRADE – Encapsulated using high-grade vegetable cellulose for optimal absorption & performance
  • SATISFACTION – Enjoy peace of mind with our 180-days (6 months), no questions asked, full refund policy


Tamera Grace

I purchased my first bottle a month ago. It arrived on time. I've taken several products of L Theanine, and didn't realize there's a difference until I began taking this product. If you're not familiar with L Theanine, it's an amino acid that calms and energises at the same time. It helps with focus and concentration. This product is one I'd recommend. Also, I'm weaning myself off coffee, and this product helps me enjoy the 1 cup I drink a day without the caffeine making me feel jittery. I also wanted to commend the company for emailing me. Apparently, I ordered after a promo that was to buy 1 and get one free. They still sent me a free bottle. That's a great customer service experience and I'm thankful.. I'll be sticking with this product for many reasons!


This is one of a number of supplements I have started taking to try to stave off Alzheimers, for which I have a high genetic risk. Because I started taking them all at once, I can't say much about this specific supplement except that it's easy to take and I am suffering no side effects.