Swanson L-Ornithine

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60 Capsules Size
  • Free-form amino acid L-Ornithine
  • Helps eliminate excess nitrogen from the body
  • Dietary supplement suitable for daily use
  • Formulated for 24 months from the date of manufacture



This is a great supplement to help lower ammonia and its affects like brain fog. I have used it as part of a detox program and have found it helpful. I have also tried activated charcoal, Diatomaceous Earth, and other binders, and find this preferable and also an affordable option for any die off, detox or symptoms affecting brain clarity. The diatomaceous earth did not seem to give the same support as the L-Ornithine does. Personal note and recommendation: After using this and other Swanson products in the midst of many many supplements for overcoming illness, I have switched to Microbe Formulas for parasite and lyme protocols and find these to be much more effective and life changing for me personally. Of course you need to consult with your health provider and what works best for your physiology and budget, but I wanted to mention that for those looking for more relief and healing for difficult or chronic issues. I highly recommend Microbe Formulas Mimosa Pudica, BioTox binder, and Lymph products for detox and lymph drainage for the brain that improved my overall health and especially sleep and brain fog.

Leslie Kadane

Based on the reviews I bought this product hoping that it would help me fall asleep and sleep through the night. I've tried many herbal sleep formulas with no luck. I also tried over the counter allopathic medicines, but don't like the idea of taking pharmaceuticals, nor do I like the drowsy feeling upon waking. I bought these and took 4 before bed the first night and to my amazement I slept through the night and had no trouble falling asleep. I've been taking this product now for 3 months and sleep through the night almost every night. In fact, it's the best sleep aid I've found.

Bill Robb

Taking these as a natural anti-anxiety remedy and they work great. I sleep so much better at night with 2 of these taken after dinner. A guaranteed 5 hrs sleep where before I woke up every 2-3 hours. That's good enough for me.


I don't have a hard time going to sleep but I do have a hard time staying asleep. I took 4 of these and slept all night long. Not only did I sleep all night, but I woke up without that feeling of hangover that you get after taking a night time sleep aid. Highly recommend!


I'm on the fence about this product, I originally got it because some (not all) of the reviews said it helped with sleep. I struggle A LOT with sleep, for about 20 years now - on and off - I have had problems falling alseep and staying asleep. The only thing that seems to work is Seroquel - which is a MAJOR drug and I need an RX for. I really do NOT want to be on drugs and I much prefer herbs. I eat very well, meditate, exercise and definitely believe in the power of positive thinking (or even just realistic as opposed to negative thinking). That said? These have done nothing for me but it's not worth it to return them because 1. I want to give them a chance and 2. I think it's crappy to return used bottles of supplements (unless they were CRAZY expensive!). So, here's my new strategy, no more taking at night, instead, I'll take these during the day and check back in July(it's now 6/8/18) to see if I notice a difference. When I read about the benefits of them - it's impressive. The site Quantum Wellness has a lot of positive things to say about them. ****L-ornithine for Waste Management As an amino acid, ornithine functions as a building block for proteins, but that’s not all it does. One of its primary responsibilities is to help remove waste from the body. (I am ALL about that :-)) ***Here’s where ornithine shines. L-ornithine is a key player in the urea cycle (alternately named the ornithine cycle), a process by which liver cells convert ammonia into urea to be eliminated by the kidneys. Ornithine acts as a catalyst to accelerate ammonia conversion into urea for ultimate excretion through urine. If the body does not produce enough ornithine, then toxic metabolic waste can build up and cause potentially serious complications. ***L-ornithine for Fatigue Management L-ornithine helps manage fatigue by stabilizing energy levels and promoting better sleep. (THIS has NOT happened for me but everyone is different). ***L-ornithine for Strength and Endurance L-ornithine’s potential benefits for strength and endurance stem from its symbiotic relationship with the anti-aging amino acid arginine. Your kidneys convert ornithine into arginine, which helps to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels when you need to usher extra blood to your tissues. Arginine also stimulates the production of creatine, which is a compound that helps muscles contract. Consuming extra ornithine, and thereby triggering arginine production, is thought to help encourage strength and endurance. For these reasons, ornithine supplementation has become popular among people hoping to improve athletic performance. This last one? I am totally still hoping for....maybe sometimes herbs will help us in ways we didn't initially think they would but they end up helping us in other areas....I'll keep you posted.