SurThrival Colostrum

$300.00 Our Price
2kg Size
  • Low Temperature Spray Dried
  • Super Charged with 97 Immune Factors And 87 Growth Factors
  • Contains Immune Factors, A Rich Suite of Immunoglobulins, and All Known Growth Factors
  • Contains All Essential Fats, Amino Acids, and Glyco-nutrients



I've been using this for over a year and have not been sick since started using it. I add it to my coffee with butter, coconut oil and MCT oil every morning and tea at night. Taste very creamy and fresh. Also use it on my also use it on my skin for wrinkles around my eyes. Love it and will keep buying it as long as I can afford it.

Duran mcdowall

Its expensive but at higher doses for weight lifting its an amazing muscle builder/ fat burner. It just worka alow so you got to keep takinf it everyday. I put 7 grams in my after gym protein ahake every time


Good product and good service. Might buy again despite the high price tag on this product. Also it's good for you pet in small amount.

Kfir N.

I have used another colostrum from another company and its clearly created in a lab. This product is the real deal and awesome stuff! It's not the best at mixing into solely liquids (I have tried mixing with only milk and its very clumpy but you still get most of it) -- but its the best/most real colostrum I have come across; and, you can easily mix this into yogurt or a smoothie. I've stopped buying the lab-made products.


Builds your immune system