Superior Labs L-Tryptophan

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First and foremost, I want to say I have received no compensation or incentive for my review for either this product, or the book I mention here. If my review can help someone else who has debilitating depression, that's enough for me. I didn't understand the importance of Tryptophan in the production and utilization of serotonin in the brain. After reading The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions--Today I scrambled to find L-Tryptophan in my local health food store. All I could find was a small bottle of powder, but mixing it nightly with something cold and flavored (crystal light) completely relieved my symptoms of fatigue, mental fog and unrelenting depression within about 3 days. Fortunately, I was able to find this product by Superior Labs which is so much easier to take. For me, buying a product that is made in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility is an absolute must -- especially for tryptophan. I take two of these on an empty stomach before bed along with some melatonin, and I sleep like a baby. More importantly, the chronic depression I have suffered with for literally decades is gone. I will never be without this product.

Barbara S.

I did not start using these regularly until recently and I am so glad I did. They do help with sleeping a little, but the main benefit is how they have helped with my depression. I take an anti-depression pill, but it never seemed to take away the depression. I noticed the ads on TV where a supplement depression pill was added, but my doctor could never come up with the right combination. I started taking them and about five days after I started taking them the depression lifted. It was wonderful. So anyone who is battling depression (not manic) should try these. I have been on these for a little over 8 months and they are still working. I take 2 pills about 45 minutes before I go to bed, and will continue to take them since I have had such a good result with them.

Louie Dellavich

All my life I've had issues sleeping and with my weight. I was a heavy sugar addict, and I just couldn't figure it out. Then I learned about serotonin and how the sugar I took in would fulfill my needs. But that wasn't the solution. I started looking for sugar blocking medicines and teas, anything that could help. I even went cold turkey, which ended horribly. Those aids would only help temporarily. I was right back to junking out. And I still couldn't get the sleep I needed to function on a daily basis. Then I observed a lighting deal on Amazon for L-Tryptophan by Superior Labs. I didn't know what that was and so I was about to skip over it but my curiosity got the best of me. I decide to check out this item and when the description said it helps support serotonin levels, I said to myself this just might be it. What else do I have to lose? I've already tried all types of methods, let me give them a shot. The day I got the L-Tryptophan, I tried it. Slept for a few hours and woke up refreshed. I usually nibble on something sweet but this time was different. No cravings whatsoever. If I had this product years ago, I'd be a skinny dude by now. This product is the end of the line for me. And I'm thankful for it.


After years of waking up between 3-4 am and not being able to get back to sleep, it became imperative that I figure it out since nothing else I tried worked. After months and months of researching and trying different things, I came across an article online about tryptophan and thought its could help because its a precursor to serotonin and off to Amazon i went. I was both pleased and excited when I read the reviews so I ordered it too! I'm on my third week using Superior Labs L-Tryptophan as directed and can HONESTLY say it HAS helped me! I have been sleeping better and just last night slept 8 hours...I finally feel like I'm getting good rest which is amazing. I like that its gentle and PURE with no stomach upset. I recommend with food though as I also take magnesium supplements with it (yet no side affects). At last! I think I've finally found something at that works..Thanks for this GREAT!! product Superior Labs!!


I have used L-Tryptophan for a couple of years now trying different brands as I had been an insomniac for years. I originally chose this brand because it is pure and doesn't have any magnesium stearate or preservatives in it. Also I like the fact that it is in a vegetable capsule. I take two nightly about an hour before retiring. I feel it is the best L-Tryptophan product I have tried! I have very restful sleep. I will definitely purchase this product again and continue to enjoy getting a good nights sleep!