Sundown Fish Oil

$9.99 Our Price
100 Capsules Size
  • 100% free of gluten & wheat, dairy & lactose, artificial flavors.
  • Supports heart and cardiovascular health.
  • Contains 720 mg of Omega-3s per two-softgel serving.
  • ALL Sundown products are labeled Non-GMO.
  • Guaranteed purity and potency.


B.T. Skaggs

My cholesterol dropped 60 points after taking for 30 days. Did not change diet.

Happy Customer

This is product is awesome! Of course it's great for us but I have to be honest, I purchased it more so for my dog. He has really dry skin and I pop one and put it over his dog food and within days, his skin looked great! I recommend it and will keep it on my order list. Also, it's cheaper here than in places like BJ's, Costco, even better if you get on the monthly subscription.

Michael Fruge

I thought the product spelled great when I bought it. About 30 days into the bottle it really started to smell very fishy. Today I took the tablet in it almost made me ill. Had a bad taste in my mouth all day and had to throw the rest of the bottle. Not sure if there is an expiration or if you open a bottle and overtime or within the 30 days it starts to leak the fish smell. Great price but not so great you have to throw away half the bottle.

Luciana A.

We buy fish oil for our dogs as they have very dry skin and allergies. This product really works for them! We've tried several brands and strengths and Sundown brand has helped the most. As you can see in our pictures you can compare the Sundown 1200mg brand to Amazon's Solimo 1000mg and Nature Made 1000mg. Sundown has the lesser amount of ingredients but the highest calories. It's also the cheapest and higher mg. The softgel doesn't smell at all. It looks like any other brand. Can't speak for human effectivness, but for dogs this really helps if they have dry skin. With a little peanut butter they are happy to take their fish oil!


Excellent for your joints as you age