Sundown Echinacea

$19.99 Our Price
100 Capsules Size
  • Helps in supporting immune functions
  • Does not contain any artificial colors
  • Activates body’s protective processes by enhancing the function of white blood cells



Echinacea is my go to for most things, wouldn't be without it. When I catch a cold or bladder infection early enough I can avoid the doctor visit. I like Sundown brand products and this was a good buy. Don't take Echinacea daily like a vitamin, only when needed for 2 weeks at a time.

Kat R.

I took these postpartum to prevent uterine infection & mastitis. I have difficulty swallowing pills, even normal size capsules like these. These capsules are easy to pull apart so I just take them in applesauce, it doesn't taste horrible.

Dede Viscarde

This product derived from the cone flower helps my wife and I avoid runny noses, coughs and feeling tired. Ladies she says it curbs her appetite! Eat one per 100 lbs of body weight and you can forget those expensive energy drinks. Stimulates blood cells and boosts metabolism in my opinion. Standardized is the best for time release. Do not eat before bed time though.