Staunch Whey Isolate Powder

$49.00 Our Price
2 lbs Size
Hot Chokkie Flavor

Staunch Whey Protein Isolate is our #1 Rated Whey Protein Isolate Supplement, as it is high quality and half the price of its competitors. Staunch Whey Protein Isolate features 24g of Whey Protein in each scoop. Click Here for Lowest Price

Uniquely, Staunch is one of the few companies that control the full chain of manufacturing, from sourcing to manufacturing in an FDA-registered facility to warehousing and fulfillment, ensuring strict quality standards are met. Staunch also offers exceptional customer support for all of its products.

Priced under $40, Staunch Whey Isolate Protein comes with 29 servings, which is just $1.37 per serving.

With Staunch, you can be assured that this product does NOT contain ANY extra ingredients, fillers, or preservatives.

Staunch Whey Protein Isolate also comes with a 120-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee — the best guarantee on the market!

  • Our #1 Whey Protein Isolate Supplement
  • 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate – Cleanest & Purest Form Of Whey Protein
  • Just $1.37 a Serving, compared to Industry Average of almost 1.75!
  • Certified USDA Organic Pea Protein Powder
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 3rd Party Tested
  • Made in A GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility


Susan K. Lawson

I like this protein powder. It mixes well, fairly creamy-I have to use Almond milk due to IBS, but still creamy. I also put PBFit in it for a peanut butter taste and added protein to my shake. I was using another well known brand that has Milk in the name that is pretty tasty, but the milk kept my stomach all torn up. I mentioned to my Dr that I could not get all of my protein I need as I felt the protein was tearing up my stomach. She said to try a Whey powder because the dairy was affecting my IBS. So I just chose this according to reviews. Today I used it in coffee. It got a little clumpy but I think if I had added my creamer first, cooled the coffee down alittle bit, it would mix better. Or I could put it in my little ninja with some ice and have a good coffee protein drink.

Max Shaikh

I’ve recently been buying lots of different whey protein powders to test out the best ones. And I can say for certain Staunch’s Hot Chokkie is the best tasting protein I’ve had in a WHILE. I was using Dymatize Iso100 peanut butter chocolate whey before this because it was a “safe”flavor. It went good with my oats and my shake but that was it. I didn’t really look forward to drinking it with water alone. THIS ALTHOUGH, tastes GREAT with EVERYTHING, even just WATER!!! A very rich chocolate taste. And I’m someone that loves a sugary, chocolaty taste. I knew I could trust in Calum Von Moger before buying this product. And now I can say for certain that I trust his product line. Will buy again!! Great job Cal ! The only thing is it’s pretty expensive for how much you get :/


I think they fixed the seal problem. Both the BCAA and the whey were well sealed and arrived with no problems. Whey mixes easily and tastes great. Cant really ask for more. Solid product. Looking forward to Staunch providing their other products on Amazon.


This tastes great, mixes easily, and I love that it includes digestive enzymes in the formulation. I would order this product again, but wish it was available for Prime Shippin

Austin Albin

Great taste, great smell, & mixes very clean! Honestly what more could you ask for in a whey protein? It has helped me with my gains in lean muscle, I take it 2 times a day. Add this to your work out routine and I can say whole heartedly you will see results!