Sports Research Fish Oil

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90 Capsules Size
  • Provides Essential Fatty Acids that may help to support your overall health.



I usually like Sports Research, but I am disappointed with them in this product. On amazon, the other ingredients includes fish gelatin, which I assumed was from wild caught fish. When I received the bottle, the ingredients stated in parentheses that this gelatin is made from tilapia, which is terrible for your health and counteractive to the purpose of fish oil. This product is not made from 100% wild caught fish, as advertised. I returned this product right away, and due to misleading practices, will not purchase from this company anymore.


Sports Research Triple Strength Omega-3 is a clean and highly concentrated TG omega-3 fish oil product. Each capsule contains a minimum 1037mg total omega-3, 687mg EPA and 250mg DHA. This product receives a FIVE out of FIVE Star IFOS rating based on the following criteria:  Omega-3 Concentration Consistent with Label – YES  Passes IFOS Oxidation standards – YES  Passes IFOS PCB, PCDD/F standards – YES  Passes IFOS Heavy Metal standards – YES  Passes all IFOS testing categories – YES


My wife is a pharmacist and she chose this product by comparing the omega-3 contents. She told me that it has the higher content of omega-3.

Charlie Taylor

I take this to help with my PCOS and i honestly cant notice a difference when i am taking it but i ran out and did not replace for a month and i noticed a huge difference with my mood and my weight. I take this twice a day!

Donald Lassiter

So often I experience terrible burping, then the taste of the fish oil gel capsules. That is not true with is product.