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This product has literally saved my life. I've struggled with situational depression and anxiety throughout my early 20's until now in my early 30's. I've been on SSRI and I gained 40 lbs [≈ A CRT computer monitor or television set]. however Ltrypophan works well and fast! Also I like how I feel like myself rather than feeling as if I'm taking medication to feel normal. I take this at night time rather than during the day. It helps me sleep and I wake up happy, and connected to those that I love! Great product!

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I finally had an experience that could properly articulate and illustrate the effectiveness of L-tryptophan. Last nite, spending half my sleep tossing and turning...I finally decided to take 3 capsules of L-tryptophan around 2:30am. In past circumstances, I was only taking 1 capsule for more "preventative care" rather than really needing it - which has now made me feel it wasnt actually enough to do anything. The directions DO clearly state to take 3 at bedtime to help with sleep. Anyway, I also started using a sleep tracking app that monitors sleep patterns / movement and shows you the time periods of light sleep, deep sleep and REM cycles. Ive used it enough now to know it is legit and is creating completely unique charts every night which coincide with how well I felt I slept. I think the screenshot of last night says it all. I was clearly tossing and turning and in light sleep until about 3am...shortly after taking the capsules and suddenly I was in complete deep sleep for the remainder of the night. I've never had a graph like this since I started using the app, and generally the deep sleep period have only been about an hour and spread out through the night. If that isnt some solid evidence to show you the effectiveness...I dont know what is. **Some general info about what led me to taking L-tryptophan: I suffer occasional insomnia (restless sleeping) and generally wake up constantly throughout the night. A friend suggested to me that I start taking GABA along with taurine to help. In researching GABA, I came upon a sleep hacking blog where all the different methods are broken down. You can read through it all, if you like, but the mains points were it discussed 5-HTP (something I used to take) and how L-tryptophan had the same benefits but is much stronger and safer....and yet it was pulled off the market for a long time. I decided to give it a go and I am a believer. There is also a note about it not being too healthy to be a regular part of at least for me, I plan to only take when I really really need it. Read more


My M.D. who is also a wholistic physician has been telling me for about 10 years (which is embarrassing in itself because I didn't listen to him sooner) to try this supplement for sleep because I was having insomnia and major sleep problems. But I finally did and wow!-it not only worked but when I woke up in the morning, I woke up "happy and in a good mood". I am NOT a morning person by any means and I am being treated for depression; so this was a complete added surprise bonus to wake up in a happy mood and with some energy-I do have to say though, that I took about 5 - 7 pills the first night, which you should definitely ask your physician about because I don't want anyone reading this to accidentally get hurt because they took a lot from reading my post. I have been trying different doses and some of the smaller doses work as well, especially some of the 5-htp doses and with the 5-htp supplement, I have great happy dreams on it. Basically L - Tryptophan breaks down to 5 - htp in our body. Before trying any supplements you must seek medical experienced guidance that is specific for you and your needs because we all have individual deficiencies and I would highly recommend along with your medical professional's advice to get your blood checked thoroughly for any kind of methylation deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies (like vitamin D), and the list goes on. I also go to Consumer because they are a non-biased supplement review company that let's the public know if certain company's do not have the amounts of vitamins in their


I am so happy I decided to try L-Tryptophan. To date I have bought and tried 5HTP, Dopa, Melatonin, and a few other natural products but none has done what the L-Tryptophan has. The first night I took it I only took one Source Naturals 500mg pill on top of taking one Natrol 10mg melatonin. The melatonin has always helped as far as sleep goes (even though I still wake up throughout the night) for me but the L-Tryptophan is in a league of its own. I woke up feeling in a great mood and like my mind and body had been through happyland. No, not in a drugged out sense. It helped reduce my stress levels and trait high anxiety levels while improving my mood. That was after taking only one and mind you the suggested use is one capsule three times a day. It also helped me stay asleep better, not throughout the entire night, but less wake ups than when I was only taking the melatonin. I love that it is so inexpensive too. I honestly feel the closest thing to stable than I ever have before.


This product is amazing! I take 3 capsules before bed and it's the best sleep ever. I use to have restless legs and since taking a B Complex daily, that is also gone! I am finally relaxed and sane! Unbelievable! ❤️❤️❤️