Source Naturals Betaine HCl

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180 Tablets (650mg) Size
Source Naturals Betaine HCl
  • Used as a supplemental source of hydrochloric acid
  • Can be utilized by the stomach to produce pepsin
  • The combination of betaine hydrochloride and pepsin provide an excellent stomach tonic
  • Pepsin breaks down proteins into smaller, more easily absorbed substances
  • 1 tablet with a meal, up to four times daily


A Mom who reads

These work very well and have helped when taken after meals. They are a large capsule and a bit chalky feel, bitter tasting so can be a bit difficult to swallow, even causing me to gag at times. I wish they came in a capsule form but I have ordered these multiple times because they do work. I am a busy mom who takes reviews seriously, you will always get my real honest opinion. If this review was helpful to you in any way please give me a thumbs up below. Thank you for your support.

Darlene Degroot

Not sure how to know if this product or many of other digestive and total system supplements are the key but my digestion is greatly improved. Many changes are necessary together.. There is no single magic bullet.


good value for $