Solimo L-Theanine

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90 Caps (100 mg) Size
Solimo L-Theanine
  • 90 capsules, a three month supply (taken daily at listed serving size)
  • 100 mg L-theanine per serving (1 capsule)
  • No artificial colors, no artificial flavors
  • No gluten, no lactose
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re proud of our products
  • An Amazon brand



So.. I felt nothing with other brand but tried this brand and I got incredibly tired. I know it’s not supposed to make you tired, just relaxed. Tells me this is legit. I now know not to take it during the day but will definitely be taking this in the evening. Happy with this purchase.

Rachel Ryon

Ltheanine is a savior in my house. Take that irritating edge off of my anxiety. At night I take 2 to help me sleep.

Mary Paley

I probably had my expectations too high when I ordered this product. Perhaps it's not the brand, but the ingredient itself, that didn't work for me. There has been no change in my anxiety/stress level whatsoever since I've been taking this, which is close to a month. I wanted it to work, but unfortunately, it hasn't for me. Gave it 3 stars to be fair to the manufacturer/brand--could be the ingredient. Will not reorder.

jimmy v

Seems less effective than other brands..was disappointed for amazon brand.

Mickey T.

If you have insomnia, anxiety, or are a caffeine MANIAC then you NEED THEANINE. I personally went through a bottle quickly, since I was going through a recent cycle of caffeine tablet binge (helps mitigate drowsiness from sleeping medication) ARBITRARY SIDENOTE: (Amazon get on this ASAP and make a SOLIMO Caffeine brand lol) I experimented with buying a product that has caffeine stacked with theanine plus yerba mate but i could barely notice any kick. I like the idea of separating the two although it ends up being time-consuming and furthermore, you may forget to take your theanine and now you are in the "irritable" state. I take these sublingual with Prince of Persia Ginger Chews for RAPID absorption. Time to REUP now. Really loving the Solimo brand so far for Theanine and Probiotics and Epsom Salts :)