Solaray High Potency Betaine HCL with Pepsin

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100 Capsules (650mg) Size
Solaray High Potency Betaine HCL with Pepsin
  • High Potency: Provides 650 mg Betaine HCL and 162 mg Pepsin for healthy digestive support
  • Digestion Booster: May help support healthy hydrochloric stomach acid levels that decrease with age
  • Gut Healthy: A key stomach enzyme, Pepsin may help support digestive function & gut health
  • Trusted Brand: Manufactured in our own facility & lab verified for purity, potency & identity
  • Customers Say: “Easy to swallow & my stomach is much happier now. Favorite brand of HCL!”



Antiacids are a national plague! NO one should use my case I thought I needed one but sometimes a lack of stomach acid can seem like you have too much. I don't quite understand why, but when I started using HCL with every meal, I stopped having acid reflux. If you're having reflux - type issues, educate yourself! Proper digestion is VERY important and our stomach acid decreases as we age.


I have digestives issues as well just like the others reviews. I did my research and found out my stomach was not making enough acid. upon trying the HCl as directed (slowly) they seem to be working. I've been taking them for almost a month I'm up to three pills before every meal and sometimes I take a extra one after if my stomach doesn't settle but I only did that a few times when I first started I don't have to do that anymore. I also find that I don't have to take them after every meal anymore as well so I'm thinking about going back to two pills instead of three. who want to take up to ten pills I know I don't, it would also make this product costly to people who don't have much like myself. I have been enjoying foods that I was unable to eat but I'm being cautious not to over do it, like coffee, I might drink one every three days and boy do I enjoy it. overall I like the HCl it's a work in progress I'm still having some Gerd issues I would say I'm about 75% better and it hasn't been a month yet and I've been doing without my medication all this time that say's a lot so even when I do have flare ups it's endurable. like I said a work in progress

Rachel Pope

This medicine has really been wonderful for me. I'd been suffering from acid reflux and a sour stomach, and they made me functional again. I was recently diagnosed with celiac, and now that I am gluten free, I am beginning to be able to lower my dosage. I am giving this product a four because dosing is extremely frustrating, and it usually takes me at least a week to stabilize my dose when it changes. Also although these pills enabled be to feel well when I was not, and possible minimized the damage caused by my disease, they masked it, and I probably received a diagnosis later than I would've done without them. It is important to keep in mind that low stomach acid most often has a cause and that even as you dose yourself, it is important to seek medical help.

P. Stanton

Really helps to prevent reflux- usually I only need a couple whenever I think I'm going to have problems. I don't take them with every meal, so a bottle will last me about 6 months.

P. Gribble

These are a great digestive aid for me.


I rarely take HCL anymore, but it did help me get off omeprazole. Digestive enzymes can sometimes be all you need. Just don't take too many HCL. . When you are having a lot of GI problems this is a miracle pill. I basically had to quit because the anti-inflammatory I take was interfering with it.

Mary Keifer

This has helped my IBS/dysbiosis low acid in my tummy. Has been a life saver and caused me to enjoy eating again. :-)