Simple-Organics Resveratrol

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Eric Oliphant

The Resveratrol can only be activated when it binds to fats. If you take on an empty stomach, you will miss key nutrients. so Please take with some kind of fat. Fish oil pills, butter, bacon, creamer with coffee, olive oil. Just take it with some kind of fat so that you can have all the long lasting effects. I got this information from Longevity Expert and Harvard Professor, David Sinclair. On his recent Joe Rogan podcast interview, he says that you must take the suppliment with some kind of fats for it to bind. Anyways, I'm 40 but look 24. Look me up, @jameserictate and see for yourself. Namaste.


Since grapes and, therefore, products of grapes can carry some pretty bad pesticides I love that this is made from all organic products. Also love that it contains other healthy ingredients such as green tea and acai extracts. I have bought this product now a few times and will continue to purchase!

Edna Bolin

Nothing to dislike. I love this product. My doctor's love that it has brought down my cholesterol and triglycerides. It makes my hair grow, It also makes it shine. The best part is the reaction my skin has taken. It gives me a glow of health and helps with tone and wrinkles. People now guess my age as 49 years old and I am 62 years [≈ average human life expectancy at birth, 2011 estimate] old. I am always getting compliments. I no longer need to look for a product to help keep my youthful appearance. I found it. Reversatol is my go to otc health care product.


I hate to give a negative review based on my reaction to this supplement because all of us react differently to different products. The main thing I noticed right away was a marked increase in lucid dreaming, which is actually a good thing, and I would have been happy with the product for that alone, but unfortunately there was an associated increase in negative thoughts and anxiety. I also experienced a similar reaction to Ashwaganda when I tried that. Not trying to sound flaky or anything, just honestly stating what my experience was, and I would like to hear if any others noticed anything similar. In fact I would really like to know why I had such a reaction from a physiological standpoint but there will probably not be an answer to that. Otherwise the product appe

Pam Brooker

Both my husband and I have been recovering from heart issues and we have added this to our supplement routine. We definitely have noticed an improvement in our energy level and will continue to take Resveratrol. We highly recommend this product.