Sayan Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract

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I've been taking Chaga for years and decided to hunt down the most convenient form. (For the absolute best form of Chaga, buy chunks from Wild Alaskin Chaga and simmer 1-2 chunks in water for an hour or so.) I tried the following brands: -Wild Alaskin tincture -North American Herb and Spice tincture (love this brand) -Vimergy (from Medical Medium) -Sayan (this brand.. randomly found it on Amazon) -Ancient Apothecary (Dr Axe's brand) -Freshcap (my go to for a mix or all mushrooms) I've read a lot of books and watched a lot of videos on Chaga. I've read how people cured cancer with this stuff. I've read that it motivates. I read that it inspires. And I read that it's the greatest supplement you can take. Based on my experience, you should be able to notice 3 things within 20 minutes: (1) Motivation, (2) Confidence, and (3) Mentally collected. I can confidently say Sayan is hands down the best brand out of the bunch! I feel absolutely amazing with this stuff. I personally like their +Betulin combo the best, which is the birch tree extract. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees. Birch trees are energy healing trees. They grow in the toughest, most harsh, cold climates in the world. They bring life to desolated land. The Chaga mushroom grows on these trees, after the trees start to age. The Chaga then becomes one with the tree. Kill the Chaga, and the tree dies, and vice versa. Our ancestors have used Chaga for thousands of years to heal from the most complex ailments. Chaga is also an energy source mushroom. Meaning, you must think positively and be in a place of happiness for this to take full effect. When you consume Chaga, take a moment and honor it's greatness. Visualize yourself completely healed after one serving. Do this everytime. Again, this brand is the best. I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 2 pills. On days that I fast, I take it again in the afternoon.

r reed

I had been battling an odd fungal infection for over one year, and nothing helped. Tried tea tree, prescription antifungals (topical). Even did an attempt at scabies treatment, which was awful. Taking Shilajeet with the Chaga has been a miracle for me. I will continue. I also forgot to mention that I have been struggling with a trigger finger for years. I had already had two injections over those years, and it returned and was quite painful. It is my Left ring finger and I play guitar. I had been having much pain playing at gigs. Now the inflammation has decreased immensely, no more clicking. It has been wonderful.

Loveland Customer

I really like this product. I have had my dog on this product for several months. He was diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma / Leukemia & Auto Immune Neutropenia. He is presenting more like the AI Neutropenia and he has been on Reishi for 8 months. I believe that this has been a good staple in his recovery. He is doing very well at present with only holistic measures and home cooked meals! My husband, myself & other dog take this daily... Thanks Sayan for your great products!


First, I have a really weak immune system. Once I catch a cold, it goes on for a month. Every year I would catch a cold between October and February (EVERY YEAR). I started taking this since October 2016 and am writing a review on February 26, 2017. Guess what? Didn't catch a cold! Highly recommend for someone who has a weak immune system.

Lila L. Wright

i am receiving chemo for bile duct carcinoma, basically a cancer of the liver. I started chaga at the same time i began a second choice of chemo as the first had failed and my pet scans are showing major improvement. The chemo or the chaga? I don't know but as long as I am showing this kind of improvement I am changing nothing.