Quest Nutrition Coconut Oil Powder

$29.99 Our Price
567 g Size
  • Mix some easy-to-measure fats into your favorite shakes or baked goods with the rich, delicious goodness of coconut oil.
  • No extra carbs, no mess, just your nutrition the way you want it
  • Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Soluble Corn Fiber, Sodium Caseinate, Sunflower Lecithin, Silicon Dioxide (flow agent)
  • 0g Carbs
  • 50 Servings


Dawn Fox

I'm on a ketogenic diet and I have a travel job. I have 2 scoops of this in the morning in my coffee and then later on in the day I have the Quest powdered coconut oil in my iced coffee. When I'm traveling, I just bring them in little containers (see photos) and use a little whisk to blend... Works perfectly! Dawn


This is an interesting convenient supplement I found while researching the benefits of the ketogenic diet approach to cancer treatment, especially Dr. D'Agostino interviews on YouTube. The more ubiquitous MCT oil products give me the runs and stomach aches unless taken in smaller amounts with food but this is more easily tolerated by my system. When you taste this directly in its powder form, it tastes similar to lighter powdery coffee creamer. In your coffee/tea, it tastes pretty much like a light creamer so it actually enhances the taste of the beverages. I could take the supplement on air travel as well since it's in powder form, but I do wish the price were lower since it's so much more costly than the MCT oil brands for equivalent grams per serving (7g fat vs 14g in oil). I'm taking MCT supplement to help my brain functions since I'm a bit insulin resistant after years of being a borderline prediabetic (now under control, being less sedentary, cutting refined carbs, and eating beans helped). MCT directly fuels your brain and my head keeps clearer and focused for much longer. Studies show MCT holds promise for Huntington's, dementia, and Alzheimers, and it makes sense given that some call Alzheimer's the diabetes of the brain where it can't effectively metabolize glucose for fuel, whereas ketone bodies provide an alternative fuel source to improve cognitive function. Give this supplement a try if your brain keeps getting foggy, as MCT allows for ketone production by liver and bypasses the digestion process to directly fuel your blood stream. Cancer cells can't utilize ketones for fuels, so this is a great supplement to try while restricting sugar/glucose or carbohydrates if you're battling cancer while restricting calories and in nutritional ketosis.

Lauren S.

If I could give 6 stars I would. This tastes so good and it's such an easy form of fat to add to your diet intake. I have not had GI issues with this. I usually take 2 servings at a time with different liquids from diet root beer (it tastes like a root beer float!) to adding it to tangerine tea, black tea, and ice (like a dreamsicle). It is my favorite reason to wake up in the morning. I have lost 10lbs [≈ Housecat] in 3 weeks, so I am happy this has helped me.

S. Thompson

I have used MCT oil in the past and really loved the results but have accepted the fact that it leave a chalky feel and sometimes a funny taste. But whatever, right? NOT with Quest. My coffee was smooth as it should be. I used as much as usually do (which is a whole bunch) and just stirred with a spoon. It dissolved very nicely and did not leave any gritty junk at the bottom of my mug at the end (like they usually do). I am very happy and whatever extra dollar or two I spent appears to be well worth it. Thank you for a better morning experience.

Andy Gosse

CELIAC FRIENDS! This is falsely advertised! It is NOT gluten free. 2 excruciating weeks before I actually looked at the label to find the conflicting “gluten free” and “processed in a facility with WHEAT.” That is NOT gluten free. Thanks for making me miserable for the last 2 weeks (and probably another month before feeling better). What a waste of money and my health. I trusted Quest because the vanilla milkshake powder actually is gluten free. When will manufacturers realize that contaminating foods with allergens and falsely advertising is actually dangerous!?