Puritan’s Pride Cranberry Capsules

$15.99 Our Price
120 Capsules Size
  • Equivalent to 25, 000 mg of cranberry fruit per capsule
  • For years, health experts have recommended cranberry to help promote urinary tract health
  • No artificial flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish Sodium Free
  • 120 Capsules


a customer

Works great! Seems to be stronger/more effective than most other cranberry supplements. And I love that they don't contain a bunch of other ingredients that other cranberry supplements often do, like Vitamin C, Magnesium, beeswax, glycerin, etc. It's just cranberry inside a gelatin capsule... that's it! And I appreciate that. Would definitely recommend!


I got these as a supplement for chronic UTI and they have made the world of difference. I take them every other day, unless I feel that weird feeling of a UTI coming on, and then I up the dosage to one per day. In the last year, I have had one UTI when previously, it was more often that I had one than I didn't. I think these are wonderfully made, and they seem to do the trick. I wish they were a little bit smaller, but most supplements seem to be around this size, so I shouldn't complain.


I bought two of this for my two grandmas. So sad they had already opened it and then I found out the most important information is covered! The expiration date is covered on purpose for sure because both bottles are like this. I though this is a higher dosage so I bought it. I should have just stayed with Trunature.


If this listing is in error, it certainly needs to be corrected immediately. Today I received 1 bottle not 2. My order shows that it's for 1 pack of 2. Shipping 1 bottle instead of 2 is mistreating customers. Product description clearly states "pack of 2". Doesn't that mean a pack of 2 bottles? I read reviews that said they got 1 bottle. This is supposed to be a stronger 'serving' of cranberry supplement but for my money and having to swallow the oversize capsule instead of the nice oval softgel; yeah I think we will go back to the smaller softgel. Will be changing my subscription back to softgel & likely in a different brand even though we have switched to Puritans Pride in other supplements.

Heather Brito

Seems like it does okay but when a product page specifies it’s a two pack, they should actually send two.