Purisure HMB Powder

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250 g Size
  • HMB (Calcium β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate) is an active metabolite of Leucine that reduces muscle protein breakdown.
  • anti-catabolic and supplementation will reduce muscle mass loss over time
  • Helps you to keep on muscle mass while operating at a calorie deficit
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Mark Sonomura

The Positives: 1. The price is unbeatable. I've looked around, and I'm confident there is no other HMB product out there at a better price. 2. Reliable delivery. I received my order earlier than expected. The Negatives: The product does not come with a measuring scoop. I am relying on what other folks have written to determine how to measure out doses (level 1/2 tsp = about 1 gram). I have no way of knowing whether that is correct or not, though. Since the dose is supposed to be 3 grams, it would have been really helpful if the manufacturer included a 3 gram scoop with the product. The Unknowns: Gotta be honest . . . This is the first time I'm using an HMB product. I am taking it to help me maintain muscle mass while intermittent fasting. From what I've read, preventing muscle loss is the one well-researched and proven benefit of taking HMB. But I have only been taking it a short time, and it is difficult for me to say with any certainty that I am seeing an observable or measurable difference in the amount of muscle I am maintaining by taking it vs not taking it. I also have no basis of comparison when it comes to the efficacy of this HMB product vs other HMB products. At this point, I am simply trusting that I will see the benefits of taking this HMB product, long term.


This stuff works at preserving muscle cells from catabolism. HMB is the only thing that has truly worked me for at gaining muscle mass. This brand of HMB is the one I used. I've also tried Bulk Supplements brand, but I haven't thoroughly tested it enough to comment.

Hannah Champeau

The quality and the price of product is what keeps me coming back to Purisure's products. The powders mix well with my other supplements. I mix this in my pre workout, my protein, and bcaa's and it is unnoticeable.


Appears to be good stuff at a decent price.


I love your product! It's tasteless, dissolves well, causes no upset stomach, no side effects. Definitely 100% satisfied. Do your own research on HMB and whether the cost is worth it for you.