Pure Research Biotin Liquid Drops

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60 Serv (10000 mcg) Size
Berry Flavor
Pure Research Biotin Liquid Drops
  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION – The highest concentration of liquid drops available, 10000mcg in just 0.5 ml, resulting in increased absorption compared to pills, capsules, and other liquid drops!
  • NATURAL SUPPLEMENTATION – Helps support healthy hair, skin and nails. In addition, Biotin can improve digestive health and glucose tolerance and is important for regulating cardiovascular and cognitive health!
  • 60 HIGHLY DOSED SERVINGS – Take advantage of our premium grade biotin produced in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified state-of-the-art facility, made right here in the USA. We go above and beyond to produce the purest and most effective supplementation!
  • RICH AND SMOOTH FLAVOUR – Mixed Berry Flavor. Goes down smooth and tastes great! Pure Research Biotin supplement is vegan friendly. This formula contains NO gluten, soy, sugar, milk, yeast, salt, or wheat!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are focused on quality. Try our biotin risk free, backed by a 60-day, full money-back guarantee!



I recently completed chemotherapy and radiation, having lost ALL of my hair soon after treatments began, of course I was very depressed, on top of everything else the hair loss and the black toenails and fingernails were just too much to look at. So once I was done with treatments I started researching everything I could to get my hair to grow faster. Among a few other tricks, this Biotin in liquid form is a huge help. I really believe it has made a difference and my hair is growing in nice and thick and has gone from growing very sparsely to growing very quickly. Thank God! I am feeling much more positive and on the road to feeling more like 'me.'


My husband had a terrifying barbecue accident that left most of his facial hair vaporized, and part of the hair on his head burned. Thank god his skin wasn't burned, I feel he was really lucky. We wanted to make sure his hair would grow back quickly, so we bought a bunch of topical products plus shampoos with biotin. They really didn't seem to be very effective. Then, we decided to go straight to the source, pure biotin. My husband rubs biotin topically on his eye brows, and then after, he swallows about half a dropper as suggested. His progress has been astonishing. I was really worried his hair wouldn't come back but thank god everything will be back to normal soon.


After my second pregnancy, my hair growth really started to slow down. Even worse, I continued shedding, so my hair looked thin, brittle and generally unhealthy. I went on google and read some good things about biotin, so I decided to supplement. I bought some biotin 10,000mcg soft gels from Walmart and have taken them pretty consistently for the past 6 months. I noticed increased hair growth, and my nails definitely got stronger. Exciting! When I ran out, I decided to try taking liquid drops instead. I read somewhere that if you keep them under your tongue for a minute, some will get absorbed right away bypassing your stomach acids. Also, because it's already in a dissolved "liquid" form, it goes very quickly through your digestive system, making it more likely to reach your blood stream. Makes sense to me. I looked around for the highest concentrated liquid biotin I could find, and I found this one. Overall, I am happy with this purchase. I would say it's better than the pills I was taking before, but I wouldn't call the difference night and day. I will probably stick with the liquid form from now on as I really can use all the help I can get. The good taste is the icing on the cake. I am happy I found something that works well for me, and I hope it works for you too!

Barbara Ralph

I started using this in September and used it everyday once a day and it works better than the gummies and tablets I’ve been using for more than a year. I will def buy again. I had no breakouts, gave me energy in the morning and made my hair grow faster. I got my hair in cornrows and my braids started to lift with new growth in about a week and a half. I still have them in and I will get another protective hairstyle and will continue using this brand of liquid biotin.

Linda C

Used the product to help thicken bald and thinning spots after having hair extensions...After two or three weeks I started to notice some fuzz starting to regenerate the hair in those areas. Happy with the ease and affects of the product.

Amazon Customer

I really love this Biotin in liquid form. I always felt like I just wasn't getting the absorption that I needed in pill form. I can definitely feel the difference. The only reason for the 4 stars is the taste. Not unpleasant but it could be better.