Pure Encapsulations Boron

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60 Capsules Size
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Bone Structure Support
  • Hormone Support
  • Pure Ingredients
  • Free from wheat, gluten, egg, peanuts, magnesium stearate, hydrogenated fat, artificial sweeteners and colors, and other unnecessary excipients.



Shortly after I began using this Boron product the arthritic pain in my neck began to subside. Health benefits of boron have been associated with improved brain function, and arthritis relief. Boron is also beneficial for your bones and joints. I don’t believe there are a large number of scientific studies supporting these claims but I do know how I feel with this product and how I feel without it. I highly recommend that you give it a shot and see if it helps your arthritic pain as it has mine. Good luck.

Shae Lyn Hamrick

It worked well for me. I use it in combination with the calcium and magnesium tablets I am already taking in order to increase the chance of absorption. Notes on this Mineral: This is a good low dose boron supplement. It provides a small quantity of the mineral that can no longer be found in many store-bought foods due to the way they were grown. It can decrease pain related to arthritis, menstrual cycle, and skin rash. It is found to affect the way the body handles other minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus and is often taken to assist in preventing bone loss but is yet to be "proven" effective. Do your research, but I am pleased with this product and will continue to buy.


I'm 60 years [≈ average human life expectancy at birth, 2011 estimate] old and in excellent shape for my age. That being said, I struggle with occasional tennis elbow, chronic trigger finger, clicking in my right shoulder from having been dislocated three times in my life - the first time being in my twenties, and stiffness when getting out of bed. My calcium and vitamin-D are optimal, so I assumed these things were old age and the stiffness a result of my pillow and/or mattress, which were changed to little benefit. Then I read about people with advanced arthritis finding complete relief and reversal from taking a pinch of Borax dissolved in pure water each morning. I did my research to discover that most people are horribly deficient in Boron. Borax is not a food grade product, so you don't know how it's handled or what contaminants it may contain. As a result, I opted for this pure Boron product instead. I started taking one capsule a day (2 mg) with no noticeable improvement. Then I upped the dose to two capsules a day (4 mg) and in two weeks my tennis elbow, trigger finger, and morning stiffness were completely gone. Additionally, my right shoulder barely clicks at all. Best of all, I had a physically challenging project at work that required a lot of manual carpentry and heavy lifting. The last time I took on this project I was hurting during the project and was sore for a week after. This time, I felt like superman and had no soreness whatsoever the next day. The two people who helped me and did less than a quarter of the physical lifting that I did called me the next day to complain that they took the day off because of soreness. I didn't even need to take an ibuprofen. If you want your bones, muscles, and connective tissue to be in peak and optimal condition, then you must take this stuff! I can

40 peace

This product is amazing. This product has helped me increase my level of free testosterone in one week by 10%. This product is fast acting and pretty much the best choice you can my in any of the choices you have for freeing up more testosterone. The first couple of days I had more energy and I did more exercise the I do on a regular basis. I mean I literally walked for 2-3 1/2 every day but thats not the only Benifets it gives you. I increased a little on size. But only a little because free testosterone goes to other things like your sex drive and your energy. Anyway I recommend this product to any how wants to have more energy and to help or to make your sexual and physical health better then ever.


I read a study showing boron was more effective than Nystatin for candida, so I got this. Unfortunately, it's tough on the kidneys and my creatinine went up, so I discontinued taking it orally. I still have some left, so I am going to try mixing the powder with coconut oil for use on my external candida rashes.