PINES Organic Alfalfa

$19.99 Our Price
500 Capsules Size
  • PINES is the FIRST alfalfa leaf on the planet to be VERIFIED by the Non-GMO Project
  • Simply take capsules with water or juice for a serving of deep green leafy vegetables!
  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw, Vegan, No Sugar Added, Plant-Based
  • USDA Certified Organic


J. Lotriet

My little one was struggling to gain weight because of a shallow latch from a tongue tie that grew back. Then I heard from a friend about alfalfa grass tablets that give you a richer, fattier milk when nursing. So even if she doesn't get much, it will be rich and nourish her. I researched which one I thought was the best quality and purchased this one. She then started getting rolls and filling out very well! Now she has gained 3 pounds in the last month and a half!! So grateful for these!


I had used alfalfa many years ago for inflammation in my knee. It was necessary to switch brands, I got some really foul alfalfa - tasted very much like chemicals! That was the end of alfalfa, until recently when inflammation again has become an issue. Remembering alfalfa, I began to search for a trustworthy product - no chemicals! I found this. Reading what I could of product labeling, I decided this was as good as it gets. WOW! It even smells like good alfalfa - a clean scent, looks right. After a few weeks, I began feeling better, so needless to say, am delighted!


I like this alfalfa pills, they help manage my kidney stone pain. So why the 2 star review? The price. I only make so much money and it seems like every time I buy this, along with other supplements, the price is higher than be last time I bought it. This stuff is now 5 dollars more than when I bought it last, making it unaffordable.


I believe Pines Brand to be the Best Alfalfa Tablet on the market thus far! I’ve switched from Jensen’s Brand to Pines recently, and since beginning the Pines non-GMO Organic brand, I've been feeling differently. I still receive the same benefits from alfalfa that I have always received, (same mg and same amt as Jensen’s brand) but I noticed it today—a subtle feeling of clarity is present, where before it was slightly…fuzzy. It’s hard to describe, but anyone diligently striving to maintain a non-GMO organic lifestyle will be able to comprehend this feeling. I feel like I have alfalfa + clear focus. I’ve noticed that my body usually lets me know very quickly whether something is good for me or not, and needless to say, lessons learned on that spectrum, and doing my best to stay clear of GMO and other toxins. I’m so happy to have found Pines Brand Alfalfa. Spending the few extra $ is so worth it now that I notice the clear focus / clarity I have with taking the Pines non-GMO and organic brand. Other benefits and comparison's: - Pines brand has a smooth coating and goes down very easily. Jensen’s brand always got caught in my throat due to the graininess. Even just one would get stuck and believe me I had plenty of water to wash it down! - Pines brand comes in a VERY WELL PACKAGED quality glass bottle, with layers of good quality bubble wrap and packing material. - Pines brand puts a wad of cotton in the jar to keep the contents from breaking and getting damaged in the shipping. Jensen's brand was never packed so well, and a fraction of the tablets were disintegrated back to grain by the time I was 3/4 of the way down the bottle. Overall, I’m a new happy customer and will continue to enjoy this great product from a brand that is putting health and happiness first!


I've been using Alfalfa tablets for sometime now. Had gout, and was introduced to alfalfa to eliminate the pain and swelling. It worked for me, but also learned it has more benefits than just for joint problems. I had another brand but wanted a more pure form of alfalfa. Had this product only a few days, and I hope the benefits are true. For Gout ? Yes, it works