Origin Whey Protein Isolate

$59.95 Our Price
2 lbs Size
  • 25G of Protein in Every Serving
  • Delicious Taste and Easy To Mix
  • 31 Servings in Every Bottles
  • High Quality Whey Protein Isolate



If you're someone who doesn't like flavored proteins or are just looking for an inexpensive clean protein, this is the way to go! A friend and I decided we wanted to up our protein intake to two to three shakes a day while lifting 5 days a week. However, that could get very expensive and would increase the amount of crap we were putting into our bodies. 3 shakes would mean a ton of more sugar and other additives. We found this and have it a try. First thoughts: super easy to mix and no clumping! Also we've tried mixing it in juice, iced tea, milk with strawberry, chocolate syrup etc. all of them work great. There is a slight milky taste however so just know that flavorless does not mean non-existent taste. But overall product gets A++. I've been using for over a month and am maintaining steady, lean gains.

Cynthia W. Harris

I love this product, I'm on myy second bag. It has low sugar, high protein, has no visible flavor (quite palatable as is) but I can add flavoring if I so choose (e.g., orange juice, cocoa, vanilla). It makes me feel awesome in a healthy way and when I ran out for 2 days, I could visibly feel why - no protein drink that day! I've tried MANY others - this is the real deal. Also has amino acids very much need; no need to take pills. Love the low sugar, and the trace amount of soy lecithin is an emulsifier (keeps product from sticking together I think). MUCH less than soy-based protein powders, which are no good for anyone, let alone me (thyroid issues). I wanted to leave feedback for this product prior to being offered a free sample of another one Bulk Supplements' products, but that was just an added bonus. I selected the smallest size of Organic Whey Protein powder (which I don't even now see on Amazon). That product has a higher level of sugar (1 gram, no good for me) but NO SOY. It has a visibly sweet taste, actually quite good. And it's organic, which I liked, but I can't have high levels of sugar nor do I like sweet drinks. My health has improved daily after adding the Whey Protein Powder Isolate to my every day regimen, I've lost a bit of weight, my blood work is improved, and I have much more natural energy and far fewer cravings for "bad foods." As if that's not enough great reasons to buy it, when you buy these larger bags (they stay fresh if get the ziploc closed for sure), they last longer, you don't run out as quickly as the canisters of protein powder, and it's cheaper in the long run!!! Hint: save one of those empty canisters of other products, clean it out, then store your Bulk Supplement in it for daily use, then refill it when it gets empty. These equates to less daily struggles to ensure the bag is indeed closed. I shared this product info with my older brother who has been taking a different brand of protein powder for years, then that manufacturer changed it so that he can no longer tolerate the horrible taste --this is a COMMON complaints from many protein powder drinkers. THIS PRODUCT tastes great as is, but I add 1-2 ounces of orange juice, along with daily greens and psyllium husk, and it tastes even better. My brother just informed me that he switched to this Bulk Supplements product and LOVES the taste, as is, and also sometimes adds vanilla extract (his favorite flavor). Buy it; it's great tasting and great for your body and health.

Jeff Baker

This Whey Protein is pure awesome in a bag! I use this right after working out and it keeps me satisfied until lunch. I like that there are minimal fillers and no sugars to worry about, but do wish they would use something besides soy lecithin as I try to avoid soy. I also like the unflavored powder so mixing with other ingredients doesn't ruin the flavor and it is fine by itself. Mixing is easy no matter how I do it either in a blender, shaker cup or funneled into a water bottle. The only things I didn't like are no scoop in the bag that I have found yet, but I guess that helps keep the cost down and I'm ok with that. Also the zip on the bag does not work at all so you have to fold the top over and clip it unless you have a jug left over from another product. Other than that you can't go wrong with this Whey Protein

Mark C.

This is my third time buying this product. First two times, no complaints. However, both bags I ordered this time have an unpleasant smell as if the protein has gone bad. I thought maybe it was nothing to worry about, and took my first serving this morning. There is definitely something not right about it as the taste is off (almost sour).


I don't understand... I've used this exact same product before when my friends gave me a bag from months back, and it tasted great. When mixed with milk, the whole shake tasted like thick milk, making it very easy to drink. However, the latest bag I ordered produces shakes that smell and taste like stale cornflakes, leaving a nasty slightly-sweet aftertaste that lasts for a long time. The package still claims to be free of corn, but that does not seem possible. It is unmistakably a corn taste, and nothing like the previous batch I had. I'm really disappointed because I used to love this product.