Nutricost Mucuna Pruriens Capsules

$19.99 Our Price
120 Capsules Size

Nutricost Mucuna Pruriens Capsules are our #1 Rated Mucuna Pruriens, as it is high quality and half the price of its competitors. Nutricost Mucuna Pruriens features 800 mcg of Mucuna Pruriens in each serving. Click Here for Lowest Price

Uniquely, Nutricost is one of the few companies that control the full chain of manufacturing, from sourcing to manufacturing in an FDA-registered facility to warehousing and fulfillment, ensuring strict quality standards are met. Nutricost also offers exceptional customer support for all of its products.

Priced under $14, Nutricost Mucuna Pruriens comes with 120 capsules, which is just $0.12 per serving. With Nutricost, you can be assured that this product does NOT contain ANY extra ingredients, fillers, or preservatives.

Nutricost Mucuna Prurienscomes with a 120-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee – the best guarantee on the market!

  • Our #1 Mucuna Pruriens!
  • 60 Servings of Mucuna Pruriens Capsules in Every Bottle
  • 400mg of Mucuna Pruriens Per Capsule, 800mg in Every Serving
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 3rd Party Tested
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility



Make sure you do your research before you take this. It's like you prescribed yourself "happy pills" because it gives you dopamine. Don't take them everyday, you might become addicted to it or your body might become dependent on it. Just make sure you know what you're consuming before you actually do.


I can't believe the difference in just one day taking them . I have ADDHD this have really help. I was in such a good mood I cleaned my hole house . That's how good they are. I will be buying again!! Plus I'm going to tell my friends.

gwen E. Dorough

It helped with my sleep and I definitely noticed a boost in physical and mental stamina.

Amanda Payne

Seems to have improved my mental clarity.

Ed V

I tried a big name powder of this and I took 10x the recommended dose and it did nothing for me. I took two pills of this and I was energized and felt so happy. Thank you Nutricost and thank you Amazon for the best delivery!