Nutricost HMB Capsules

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120 Capsules Size

Nutricost HMB Capsules are our #1 Rated HMB Supplement, as it is high quality and half the price of its competitors. Nutricost HMB Capsules feature 1000 mg of HMB in each serving. Click Here for Lowest Price

Uniquely, Nutricost is one of the few companies that control the full chain of manufacturing, from sourcing to manufacturing in an FDA-registered facility to warehousing and fulfillment, ensuring strict quality standards are met. Nutricost also offers exceptional customer support for all of its products.

Priced under $11, Nutricost HMB Capsules come with 120 capsules, which is just $0.09 each!. With Nutricost, you can be assured that this product does NOT contain ANY extra ingredients, fillers, or preservatives.

Nutricost HMB comes with a 120-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee – the best guarantee on the market!

  • Our #1 HMB!
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Only $0.09 per Serving!
  • Potent 1000 mg Per Serving
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 3rd Party Tested
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility


Barry McDonald

At age 68, I’m an active person. I do a weight training and HIIT routine every other day as well as work hard on my yard and other projects. Nuticost HMB helps reduce mild to moderate muscle soreness enough that I don’t have to resort to less safe OTCs or prescription pain killers very often. It helps your muscles heal after hard exercise or work and for what it does, the price is very reasonable. Highly recommended. For even better results, take it with 1 Body’s Magnesium Bisglycinate which helps relax your muscles while the glycine component relaxes the brain and helps with sleep. You get older, you get aches and pains, but with the proper supplements to accompany an active life, you can soothe moderate muscle discomfort! Also recommend AKBA., 5-LOXIN or other Boswellia extracts for reducing.the pains of working hard or growing old.


I work out 4 days per week doing HIIT training, and some weight training in areas I like to target, I have not noticed any increase in muscle girth, lifting potential or speed above and beyond my normal increase potential, I have have however noticed that the frequency, intensity, and duration of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness has significantly decreased


They are tasteless. They float in your mouth with liquid so they can be tricky to swallow. I just get a mouthful of water. Look at the ceiling and drop the capsules in my mouth then look at the floor and swallow. They float right to the back of your throat. Works. 👍🤷‍♂️

Fred A. Blumberg

Been taking for a month but they arent doing anything...


Works as described.