NusaPure L-Tryptophan

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I've been experimenting with this to help me sleep, and am ready to conclude, it's helping. My sleep is definitely deeper and I can go back to sleep if and when I wake up in the middle of the night. I've always managed to get by on about 5-6 hours of sleep, as long as I get a 15 min combat nap during the day, but my schedule doesn't always allow for that nap. I don't need that nap with this tryptophan. For dosing, I weigh 167 pounds [≈ Large dog]; taking 3 of these every other night seems to work best. If I take it every night, it seems to build up in my system over 5-7 days, then I'm groggy in the morning. Tryptophan is a pre-cursor molecule for serotonin, "the happy hormone"... so in addition to better sleep, there's clinical trials evidence that tryptophan can boost mood, and also boost memory and attention span.

Big G

Seems like a good value for this item: Been taking 2 capsules befrore bedtime (adult male 220 lbs) for sleep aid and it works great for me, able to sleep 6-7 hours w/o out waking and feel great next day!


We love this product! We take two of these with melatonin about 30 minutes before bed and it helps us fall to sleep fast. No laying in bed with our mind going over a hundred things at night. We absolutely love the supplement and brand! No yucky feeling waking up, just rested. We sometimes take them without melatonin and they work just as good. We just know by our trial & error what will work best for each of us at night. This is truly a must have for us to have a good night's sleep!

Dean M. Schlarbaum

Product performs as expected -- Helps me keep my mood (high) during the daytime and assists in helping me get a good night's sleep. Take 3 capsules in the morning Mon. thru Fri. and take 2 capsules at night before going to bed Mon. thru Sun. each week. Have reordered product and as long as quality of same is maintained by vendor will continue to do so.

Tennessee Gentleman

L-tryptofan is one of those overlooked substances that a lot of people don't yet know about. And for that, I'm happy, because for right now the price is right. It's expensive if you can find it at the drugstore, about $15 for a bottle of 60 caps. This enzyme is what chicken and turkey contains an abundance of. It makes you feel relaxed and sleepy and hood about yourself. When you take it with melatonin, you get a righteous night's sleep. I am a chronic insomniac. It is very difficult for me to get to sleep at a regular time. I was an over the road trucker for 25 yrs, and had to sleep and drive at all different hours. Now I am trying re adapt to regular cycle.