NusaPure Colostrum

$28.99 Our Price
180 Capsules Size
  • MINIMUM OF 25% immunoglobulins
  • ZERO Additives, Artificial Ingredients, Binders, and Preservatives
  • Made in USA
  • Made in a GMP registered facility


Eleshia L.

Stopped medication for GERD after only weeks. Used another brand but found this more for the dollar and worked as good as the more expensive brand.


I liked the price and the caps r easy to ipen. I feed them to my cat and myself. My cat has MAJOR digestive problems and hoping it will help. My friend is giving it to her cat and I almost didn't recognize the cat. She is doing SO much better!!!


My doctor prescribed this for my Immune system. I have been on this for about a year now and must say that it has done me well.

Marianne Romeo

My vet recommended this for my cat with allergies. Does seem to be helping.


These pills are amazing! I bought them for my dog because of an infection in his anal glands that caused a lot of daily "leaking" from his glands. I was feeding him 2 per day as a small/medium 17lb terrier. After 2 weeks he was doing a lot better, but I found a homeopathic/natural vet website that recommended 4 pills per day (2 pills 2x daily) for his size. When I increased his intake, he finished healing in a week! I also combined it with silica 6x (30c at first) during this time. He had the biggest change in health when I increased to 4 colostrum pills daily, despite maintaining the same amount of silica daily. So i know these work! The pills are in white capsules that can be pulled apart to empty the colostrum powder that's inside. I separated the pills and mixed it with a little bit of water to make milk. It smelled and looked like real milk when mixed with water so I felt much safer about using the product too :) My dog actually considered this a treat because it tasted delicious to him~ He would run to me and wag his tail, waiting, while I mixed the milk. He even licked up any drops that spilled on the floor. I spent a lot of time comparing other colostrum pills and this had the most amount of pills for the same price as some others. It also seems to be great quality and GMO free, which is recommended by vets when choosing which