Nature’s Way Alfalfa

$14.99 Our Price
100 Capsules Size
  • Alfa-Max is 10x Alfalfa Concentrate blended with Alfalfa leaves.
  • 840 mg concentrate per serving
  • Tru-ID Certified
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free



Great product, I've been taking these for my allergies and have noticed a significant improvement. In addition, these are also great for eliminating body odors from your body from the inside out.


I brought this along with chaste tree supplements for my acne. It has reduced my acne breakouts by half


I switched to Nature's Way Alfa-Max capsules a couple of years ago because the alfalfa tablets I have been taking were hard for me to swallow. These have a much fresher smell than the previous brand I took and they are more potent also. Alfalfa helps me with the aches that I get and every time I run out of alfalfa, the aches come back. For this reason alone, I try to never run out. I have and will continue to recommend this brand to all who want to reap the benefits of alfalfa without having to take tablets.

University Doc

I like this. Alafalfa is great for a number of things and this one is the best by far. Highly recommend. No after taste and no burping.


Started taking it for labor on week 35... my gums would bleed heavily every time i would brush my teeth and since I started taking this barely a drop of blood will come out occasionally (alfalfa is a natural coagulant and is used to prevent internal bleeding during labor)