Nature’s Trove L-Theanine

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120 Caps (200 mg) Size
Nature’s Trove L-Theanine
  • L-Theanine 200mg promotes relaxation without drowsiness. Also Restores a sense of calm.
  • Found naturally in green tea
  • Natural Ingredients – Good Health from the Source!
  • Made in the USA – GMP NSF Certified Facility – Kosher Certified


Clay Crocker

I prefer to use the powder (because it's much more affordable) but when I'm on the go or on vacation I take these capsules because they're more convenient. L-Theanine is fantastic for anxiety. Unlike Xanax and other medications L-Theanine keeps me clearheaded with less anxiety. It doesn't totally relieve my anxiety, but it certainly does lessen it without changing how I think. Most anti-anxiety meds also lower my energy levels and I think this (and ashwagandha) actually give me a little more energy/brain power because I'm not wasting time and energy on anxious thoughts Highly recommend for anybody with anxiety


Used this for about 7-8 nights not consecutively. I can tell when it starts to kick in when my body and mind start to ratchet down unexpectedly. Typically this happens within 30-45 minutes of taking a pill. It sounds cheesy but there is a sense of calm which begins the ratcheting. Once I feel it, I let go. A couple of times I took the pills with food just before bed and effects were not noticeable. I suggest taking on an empty stomach then go do something else. You will feel the calm.

April Rivera

I actually purchased this for my dog who has anxiety really bad. (He is rat terrier and chihuahua mixed.) I just give him one daily with his meal and he seems a lot more calm an relaxed, thank God. Best part is this is all natural!! :) :) :)


I started on the 100mg's & reordered my second bottle the same. I saw that there was 200mg's available and decided since I noticed a difference with the product, I wanted to try the higher dose. It's really been a big help, I don't snap when stressed so easily, and seem to be able to handle stress, a lot like I used to, before my life got turned upside down.