Nature’s Trove Acetyl-L Carnitine

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200 Capsules Size
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg can Help Maintain Healthy Brain Function
  • ALCAR Promotes Heart Health
  • 200 Easy to Swallow Vegetarian Capsules
  • All Natural Ingredients – Good Health from the Source!
  • Made in the USA – GMP NSF Certified Facility – Kosher Certified


Robyn Smith

I used to have nerve pain that radiated from my butt cheeks all the way to my heels. I started taking this daily and now I'm 100% pain free! I had tried Gabapentin and disliked the side effects previously. I'm a nurse and spend 12+ hours on my feet 3-4 days a week and have been pain free no matter what I put my body through. A real life changing supplement!

M Moore

I have Fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue. Most days I spend the day in bed. I read some articles on ALC and researched studies before I tried it. I always do this because I take several medications. Also, speak with your doctor. I'm not sure what your doctor is like but I asked one of mine about taking acetyl l-carnitine and she said herbs and vitamins are not overseen by the FDA so she really couldn't tell me anything about it. She did look it up on her laptop and we discussed it a bit. Anyway, back to the product. Due to the research I did, I started out with a dose of 3 capsules in the am and 2 in the afternoon. First day I had great energy, clarity and a good mood. Second day the same thing. But before it was time for me to take the 2nd dose, day 2, I noticed a rash on my lower legs. From past experience this is what happens when I'm allergic to something. I didn't take that 2nd dose. The next morning the rash was gone. I took 2 capsules. No energy, no clarity and no good mood. The next morning I cecided to go ahead and try taking just one dose of 3 for the day. Yea! Here comes the energy, clarity and good mood. I have continued to take 3 a day and have not broken out again. There are days still that I don't get out of bed but that's because I've been able to do things for 3 days before that! Haha! I don't know how to pace myself yet. I would highly recommend anyone who has a problem with fatigue to try ALC. I would highly recommend anyone with memory problems try ALC. I would also highly recommend someone who has anxiety, depression or low moods to try it. Do your reading, ask your doctor and see what it will do for you. It changed my life!

Leslie Menkens

Works well with brain cognitivity however blocks the conversion of T-4 to T3 (Thyroid) Had to stop. Unfortunately.

Korbin in Dallass

It definitely works but shouldn't be taken with levothyrixine within four hours of each other. This brand is as good as any but it can compound the effects of caffeine leading to panic attacks. I definitely recommend it for anyone with fatigue or MS related fatigue. Start at 500mg and then every 3 weeks go up.It interferes with sleep if taken after 3pm.

R. E.

Fantastic for reducing and make disappear small growths on your skin. I call it my "spot" remover. Anything unusual on my arms just go away after taking this. Had a basal cell carcinoma removed on my forearm recently. Another one started popping up. Two weeks of taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine made it disappear completely. Reduces mole sizes and made some disappear. It's like a miracle substance. On the other hand, well both hands, my veins have started to bleed after taking this, so keep an eye out for that kind of reaction. Never had that problem until taking this supplement.