Nature’s Nutrition Lactobacillus Acidophilus

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Health Seeker

In the on-going search for an affordable and potent probiotic I purchased this one a few weeks ago. To this day the only probiotic that's really made a noticeable difference for me has been Renew Life's 90 billion CFU. I took 2 capsules of this one 3x a day and noticed nothing. The good news is that it's relatively cheap for the supposed potency. But seems to be another case of "you get what you pay for." The search continues...

Tracey S.

These probiotics are fantastic! Honestly, I've taken some really cheap and horrible or really great and expensive. This is the first, inexpensive, and really works probiotic, I have come across! You take it with plenty of water, with or without food. My stomach and intestines were on fire. I couldn't eat and had nothing on my stomach when I took these for the first time. I was in tears and in a ball. NO KIDDING, 1 capsule, soothed immediately. Stopped the sick, ache, bloat, sharp pain.. GONE! I am an MS patient with all the pain, secondary illnesses, and meds galore... handicapped at 47 for life. I've never been so happy with a product before. But I need to share for others trying to find that break. Stop here and buy. 😘 Blessings to you

Veronica N. Thorpe

I have been using this product for about 30 days, and I must say that I am really impressed. I suffer from IBS and my diet is fish based. Adding this probiotic to my daily vitamin regimen has helped me to keep waste removal consistent, keep my tummy flat, and I don’t have the pains that come when dealing with IBS.


Excellent probiotic. Has a high amount of guaranteed bacteria present in each pill. I like the blend of different strains provided in the pill. I love the MAKTREK technology involved and the addition of the prebiotic. And there are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. I've already noticed an improvement in my digestion and comfort. Overall, this is certainly a top probiotic to consider.


kinda weird buying meds on amazon but this product is great. I needed a extra kick and this does the job. It does not come with ice packs or anything so the shipping is a little weird. I did keep it in the refrigerator as it says on the bottle