Nature’s Life Alfalfa Tablets

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500 Capsules Size
  • Provides nutritive support
  • Single herbs
  • Contains 500 tablets
  • 1000 mg/ serving


Arty T

Personally, this high-quality variety of Alfalfa has cured my chronic (Vata) constipation problems and largely resolved reoccurring abdominal distention. Even for someone like myself, consuming multiple times the recommended daily dosage proves to be safe; it is a matured plant leaf in tablet form, after all. Foods or herbs such as these are valuable alternatives to drugs (drugs are the real alternatives) because they produce only effects, rather than side effects, and these effects address multiple aspects of the human body through natural healing. Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford states that Alfalfa connects us to our roots (intestines) because the plant itself has an extensive root system (evidently the Doctrine of Signatures is true). Dr. Bernard Jensen says in Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Movement that Alfalfa tablets are a virtual panacea for abdominal disorders. Furthermore, for those who think this product does not work to resolve their problems, it is because they

Janelle Brown

I'm allergic to deodorant and natural deodorants do not work for me. A friend of mine told me about Alfalfa and that it takes her body odor away, well I skeptically took this product and then worked my butt off trying to get a good stink on and...nothing!! I even skipped deodorant all together for the first couple of weeks just to make sure that it really worked and it does!! I do wear an all natural deodorant now just because I like the smell of it.


I have to say that I owe a reviewer somewhere a HUGE Thank You. I was using Glucosamine products in an effort to ease the stiffness in my hips when standing up after sitting for any length of time. I also had some stiffness in my shoulders. I was about to try yet another Glucosamine type product when I read one reviewer's remarks saying to get Alfalfa Leaf instead. He said it was cheaper and more effective. How right he is! I had never heard of using Alfalfa for joint pain. It is a terrific product! I even have one of my neighbors using it with great success. You do need to be consistent. The directions say to take 2-6/day with meals. I try to take 2 twice a day. If I miss a day I can tell the difference. It has really helped me from feeling so old when trying to stand after eating out at a restaurant :-) If you have stiffness and joint pain you should give it a try.


My dog is old and has arthritis, she could hardly walk and sometimes cried out in pain. After starting out with just a few pills I worked up to giving her 4 pills in the mornings and 4 pills in the evening, she is now completely pain free. She moves with ease now. One of the, what I call, side effects is that all the gunk in her eyes, that had to be washed every day, is totally gone now. I kept forgetting to order again, and after a week or so the gunk in her eyes is back, and she's starting to walk slower again, so I am definitely keeping her on this wonderpill

Mary Merry

These alfalfa tablets seem to be of good quality and definitely helped me get my digestive issues under control. They were a little larger than I expected. They seem to have a coating that gets slick when wet so this helped.