Nature Made Folic Acid Tablets

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250 Tablets (400mcg) Size
Nature Made Folic Acid Tablets
  • Recommended as part of woman’s daily regimen for health, stress, mood, and prenatal care
  • Aids in development of nervous system in fetus
  • May play a significant role in heart health
  • Always take in conjunction with B12 supplement
  • No – Preservatives, Color Added, Artificial Flavors and Yeast or Starch. Gluten Free
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified



This stuff saved my hair ! I had recently lost hair and after I started taking this it got noticeably thicker ! They’re very small so they’re easy to swallow and don’t have any distinct taste ! Super worth the money, such a deal 250 for only $5

Lindsey Foss

These were a great supplement for my pregnancy, I needed an iron supplement but it didn't have enough folic acid so this was a simple solution. Very petite pills, easy to swallow


Had a nurse friend tell me to try this for depression as she has her kids do that and it helps. Now everyone may be different, but I find it helps me as well. I've been taking for almost 2 weeks now and can tell a difference. My moods are more stable now. This pill is a little grainy but if you swallow and tip your head back when doing so, it should be fine. I have no other problems with this pill.


I read so many reviews stating how important folic acid is when trying to conceive. I was initially taking the folic acid before I began taking prenatal vitamins. My husband now takes them and he is not a fan of pills but these pills are on the smaller side so they are quite easy to swallow.