Nature Made Fish Oil

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250 capsules Size
  • Contains a 125-day supply of Nature Made Fish Oil
  • Every 2 softgels provide 600 mg of heart-healthy omega-3
  • Supports a healthy heart!



I'm sorely disappointed in this product, as I've been taking it for months and I'm still not a fish. As a heart health supplement, it's great, as it does not have a fishy smell once consumed, but I have to wonder if this lack of fishy smell or burp is the same reason why it's ineffective at turning me into a fish.

Chelsea Brown

Huge bottle. HUGE! And no fishy burping or anything like that. Slight fish odor, but only when you open the bottle. No intense taste or aftertaste. The gels are rather large, however, about less than or equal to an inch.

Joey Denapole

Fish oil is a great supplement for anybody to add to their vitamin regimen. It assists in promoting healthy cholesterol levels, strengthens bones, boosts your mood, and assists in moisturizing your skin and hair. This product contains a great amount of bang for your buck when considering the number of pills you get, not to mention the mg. per pill.

William H.

I take these as my DR said to I have no idea if they work other then as of this writing I am still alive, so I have that going for me.

honest reviewer guy

We adopted a golden retriever who had severe atopic dermatitis. We started giving her 1 fish oil, 1 zyrtec, and three benedryl with each meal and bathing her with baby shampoo every 2 weeks. She is 95% cured. (she still gets some small spots every now and then)