Nature Made Cranberry

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120 Capsules Size
  • Contains a 60-day supply of Nature Made Cranberry + Vitamin C Softgels, 120 softgels per bottle.
  • With vitamin C to help support the immune system
  • Adults, take 2 softgels daily with water and a meal.


Shelly Klovee

I will be taking Nature Made Super Strength Cranberry softgels forever! Last December, I had my first urinary tract infection at age 65, and my doctor told me that cranberry pills might just keep another infection at bay so I'm not taking any chances. These pills have joined the cabinet containing all my other daily supplements!


I started taking 2 every morning once I got some bad UTIs. These are preventative so it’s important to take them every day because they only prevent not heal existing infections. I once tried a different brand and I started smelling weird down there so I switched back to nature made and everything’s great. I’ve been taking these for 2 + years and in the past I had great success with nature made vitamins so that’s why I went with these. Amazon has the best deals typically for these unless there’s a sale or coupon for cvs.

L. Smith

I read a clinical study that said that eating cranberries does not reduce the frequency of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), but ever since my wife started taking these pills she has had a lot fewer UTIs. That's only a sample of one, but it's the one that matters the most to us. She takes two pills a day. So I enthusiastically endorse these pills based on my wife's own experience. They're kind of big for a pill, but she doesn't seem to have any trouble swallowing them.


This was recommended by my doctor for frequent UTI's. I take 2 twice daily. It works. I am very happy. It is made by Nature Made, which is a very fine company. I always chose Nature Made products.


Works well. I take 4 each day and have avoided Urinary Tract Infections. Without doing 4 I have gotten a UTI. I am a chronic sufferer without this natural method.