NaturaLife Labs Acetyl L-Carnitine

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Jason J

I've been experiencing severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, fever, fatigue, lack of energy and extreme brain fog since 2014. I was age 43 at the time. I went back and forth to various Doctors, receiving MRI's C.T Scans and medications that made the condition even worse. I stopped taking all the medications, practiced holistic healing, detoxed/cleansed and went vegan for 12 months. After all that, the symptoms REMAINED!!! I became really depressed and considered suicide because I went from being a very active person to a shell of the person I used to be. On top of that, the pain from the headaches have been totally unbearable. I've been researching so many products, most of which I tried and it never worked; until I came across Acetyl L-Carnitine. I ordered it 11/13/19 and received it on time, 11/15/19. I took 2 capsules with my lunch around 2pm and took a nap because I was exhausted, which wasn't anything new. I've gotten into the habit of taking multiple naps throughout the day (in my car at work during lunch time as well) because I was always so tired. Well, when I woke up from this particular nap, I had a TON OF ENERGY!!! I went grocery shopping, ran errands and cooked. Usually after a nap, I wake up tired and ready for another nap. Thanks to Acetyl L - Carnitine I'm getting my life back at the age of 48!!!! I thank GOD that I was so blessed to find this product!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!

Tony D

Natural Life Labs imo, offer the best value. I have a mitochondria disorder (heart failure and ataxia) and atherosclerosis. I have taken this, with r-Lipoic acid and magnesium for eight weeks and have noticed an improvement in lower pulse and higher blood oxygen and better balance . Benefits of Carnitine • A major cause of aging is the decline in function of mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses that energize our cells. • Most chronic diseases of aging reflect loss of mitochondrial function and numbers, limiting the energy available to cells as we age. • Poorly-functioning mitochondria also impose huge oxidant stress on their parent cells, further accelerating aging and shortening life. • L-carnitine, a natural molecule with several related forms, provides mitochondria with both the energy they need and the antioxidant protection that they must have to retain their youthful function. • Carnitine supplements extend life by increasing energy to tissues throughout the body. • Carnitine supplementation has proven effective in reducing fatigue, enhancing cardiovascular function, improving body composition and promoting weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels, and delaying or reversing brain degeneration. • Its energy-releasing properties make carnitine a useful supplement for reducing the deadly cachexia experienced by many cancer patients.


I've been taking this because my energy has been really low mostly because of my busy work, school and kid schedule. I've also been overwhelmed and have been experiencing some slight depression because of this. I take these along with the Maca supplement by this same company and I have noticed an increase in energy when I take the pills. I've even been able to write essays easily for my online classes whereas in my last semester I was totally off track and couldn't concentrate. This company is my go-to for supplements. I love that their products are natural and high potency. I have never had an issue with their products. Love them.

mikayla ward

I ordered L-carnitine after reading that it helps with mental alertness, I have had a mild form of narcolepsy, diagnosed when I was in nursing school in 1982, I have managed, but it's always been a struggle, any kind of stimulant seems to make it worse. I am so happy with this product, it's not a cure,but it has helped more than anything I have ever tried, and that's saying a lot!!! I will definitely keep taking this and recommend anyone who needs help with alertness to give it a try, I have felt zero side effects and 90tter!!!

Claire C. Alfano

I have tried other brands of Acetyl L-Carnitine and none have worked for Major Depression. This product does . And I only have to take two capsules which are very easy to swallow. I have been able to taper off my antidepressant by taking these capsules every morning. In addition the price is very reasonable, there aren’t any additives and it is made in the USA. I have not experienced any side effects.