NAKED nutrition Pea Protein

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Jim Eugenis

Buyer beware, they do not stand by their products. I used their product for a year and had no problems. My last purchase of Pea Protein would not mix even in a $400 blender. It was like drinking wet sand. I contacted the company and expected to get a replacement. They told me once you pay for it you are stuck with whatever they send you no matter how poor the product. Not someone I will be doing business with any more


I've been using this pea protein as a staple protein source in my diet for over a year now, and overall I'm quite satisfied. Let's get this out of the way first: This stuff does not taste good. I have tried adding it to smoothies, and while that does mask the taste some, the end result is a smoothie that I enjoy less. As a result, I prefer to drink this quickly mixed with just water. It's a little unpleasant, but over quickly. The powder is very fine, and I find that it's a bit messy if you aren't very careful. It has a tendency to cling to sleeves or skin after you've reached in to the tub. It mixes okay with just a spoon, but I find it helps to break up the clumps while it's dry before adding water. So why did I give it 5 stars? Simple: it's a non-soy plant based protein that is very high protein (~90%), low fat/carb, contains no artificial sweeteners, and has low sodium compared to other pea proteins I've found. I don't buy protein powder for a delicious snack; I buy it to hit my macronutrient goals, and this is exactly what I'm looking for. It's also reasonably priced at the time of this writing (approximately $11/pound). It would be a little unfair to penalize this product for taste given that I'm specifically looking to exclude every ingredient typically used to make these powders more palatable. Know what you're looking for - if you want a powder that's high protein and low in carbs, fats, sodium, has no artificial sweetener, and you are willing to compromise on taste to get it, this is a good buy. If taste is more important to you, I'd probably give this a pass.


Fluffy texture, almost tasteless, mixes very easily with a shaker bottle, add your own flavors, value for money (there are cheaper options per gram of protein, but their ingredient lists are too long for my liking). I'm not a vegan or anything, I just bought this because I wanted to see if I could really avoid digestion, bloating (I don't eat much dairy, black coffee, no ice cream, never enjoy creamy pasta, etc.) and headache issues (have had mostly whey or soy in the past - started getting headaches with the ISOPURE Zero Carb). I really like the texture of this stuff, very fluffy like a thick shake. Very close to no taste, it does have a bit of a smell when you open the jar, but you don't taste that. I just consumed one plain shake: 3 scoops (halfway between 1 and 2 servings) with 12oz water. The closest taste I can describe is a lentil, or if you ate a green pea from a bag of frozen peas, but without any of the sweetness (peas are pretty sweet). After a couple of (basically palatable) sips, I threw in a shot of espresso just for the hell of it. Went ok, since the stuff is almost tasteless, and I always have a morning shot anyway. I'm waiting on the Choc PB to arrive, plan to add this to the mix to boost the flavor occasionally. They say these vegan proteins are not "complete" in terms of amino acid profile. I eat meat, so I think I should do ok, but I'll be watching results to see if there are any differences in energy/muscle gain/etc. 5 stars for now, since it does exactly what it says on the box, and that's what I paid for.


My first jar of the unflavored pea protein tasted just fine. I would put 2 scoops in my smoothie and couldn't even taste the powder. The second jar I got tastes horrible! I can hardly manage 1/2 a scoop in my smoothie because it makes it taste so bad. From other reviews, it looks like this is a common problem with Naked products, so I won't be ordering again.

Chris C.

Love it, because as an educated consumer I don't expect to buy 100% pea protein & taste Ben & Jerry's chunky Monkey. Please, Please be real people!!! What did you expect from this product? when you cook rice or peas it you have to doctor it up with salt & spices. the same with this. For pity's sake, put a frozen banana in, mix it with cashew milk or coconut milk, some Cinnamon or other healthful spices. this product is more particularly suited for people who have modified their taste buds for vegetarian, non processed lifestyles. If you regularly consume "processed" foods than you have altered/destroyed your taste-buds to find only junk food appealing. I don't mean to be snide but I am really revolted by the trashing of a product when it clearly states what it is. Please do your homework before buying this and if you don't fit the description above then you might want a more palatable product that has been doctored with a ton of ingredients to appeal to the average American taste bud. I for one, being a vegan appreciate no adulteration of the ingredients with GMO, additives, preservatives. I add my own natural & healthful sweeteners, like stevia. thank you for reading.