MT. CAPRA SINCE 1928 Colostrum

$35.95 Our Price
50 gm Size
  • COLOSTRUM is the FIRST FOOD produced by mammals everywhere and is nature’s “IMMUNE SYSTEM DELIVERY PROTOCOL”
  • Goat Milk Colostrum is unique as it comes from goat’s milk, which is much more similar to human milk than cow’s milk.
  • Our PASTURED GOATS are grass-fed and receive an exclusively non-GMO and organic diet of grass-based forages.
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM with colostrum, which has been shown to be rich in immunoglobulins IgG & IgA, polypeptides, lactoferrin, and cytokines
  • This 50g powder contains 17 servings and is the perfect size for trying our colostrum for yourself.



I bought this for my cat who has a chronically runny or stuffy nose. L lysine alone was not working on managing his herpes and he's been to the vet 17 time over the last year for either immuno shots or antibiotics. I started adding this to his food and three days later his nose was barely runny. By day five his nose was clear and he was back to eating, playing, and attacking my decor. This was the best price I could fine on top of that!


It tastes just like Alba, or other powdered milk products. I wish I could say I could tell it had done something for my dogs' immune health, but I just don't know or see any results - both dogs have immune deficiency health issues. Easy to take off a spoon for humans and wash down with liquid, or sprinkle in dog food.


I've been giving this to my allergy prone pitbull for about 1 1/2 months. I don't notice much of a difference, but, he does scratch less, and his coat is very soft. Will use it for another month or so and see.

P. Kowalchuk

I was looking for a good colostrum supplement for general health benefits, nothing specific. I don't really know about the taste or pain relief but it does seem to boost my immune system. I use it on yogurt mostly.


Great product