MixRX Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules w Garcinia Cambogia

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180 Capsules Size
MixRX Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules w Garcinia Cambogia
  • Mix Rx provides you with a 90 day supply of healthy lifestyle change. 180 capsules at 1500mg each! Our apple cider vinegar capsules are formulated with your health in mind.
  • Made with Garcinia Cambogia and raspberry Ketone, our proprietary blend of nutrients and minerals from MixRx truly make this product a superior one of a kind organic diet accompaniment and detox pill.
  • Skip the terrible smell and taste of Apple Cider Vinegars and choose the comfortable way to enjoy all its benefits. You no longer have to drink the foul-tasting apple cider vinegar liquid ever again. Opt for an easy, once a day serving without the pungent taste of vinegar, adequately packed & easy to carry wherever you go. True acid relief 360
  • Get the most out of your apple cider vinegar dietary boost with 1500 mg of pure acv, 60 mg of garcinia cambogia and 180 capsules! Don’t waste your money on cheap and ineffective supplements that give you minimal servings and don’t have enough apple cider vinegar to be effective.
  • Each bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar tablets is gluten-free and made right here in the USA in an FDA-Approved facility that follows all GPM standards. Rest assured you are getting the highest quality apple cider vinegar supplements on the market.



I've had these pills for a while but finally started take them regularly. I've been trying to change my eating habits and this really helped curve my appetite to make that possible. It's been almost 2 weeks of me taking 1 a day and I am down 5 pounds (I do not work out much either). I will start taking two a day next week and see if there's a difference.

Big T

I'm using this product to help with weight loss. So far I have went from a waist size 46 to a 40. I weighed in at 317 lbs. Before starting my diet and exercise. Now im 256. I love this product and it's effectiveness to do as it said it would. I am no longer taking blood pressure pills. I am not quite were I won't to be,but I'm sure not what I use to be. I feel great and full of energy. I recommend this product to anyone that is struggling with weight loss and need that help to achieve there goal.

Raul Serrano

I like this product, but you need to do a diet and exercise routine for it to help you see results.

Kay Cherry

My metabolism slowed down as I aged. So is my belly fat accumulated. First 30 days, I lost 8 lb. Then it's helps maintain but not lose any more weight. It's my own fault because I started o eat little more than before and relying on this pills. If you really want to lose your weight, you have to set your mind then this pills helps to curve your appetite. Good economic products.


1st I'm excited about all the Rahu that will be going ongoing on because I given a review. I just started taking the vinegar pills and I'm taking them to see how it does me on weight loss this is only my 2nd day so I can't give a full review at this time I will come back and give another review again in about a month thank you!!