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90 Capsules Size
  • You will receive (1) bottle of MET-Rx HMB 1000, 90 count
  • Provides muscle and strength support
  • Calcium B-Hydroxy, B-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate
  • Take one capsule 4x a day!



There are two types of HMB (Hydroxy Methylbutyrate), the Calcium Salt form and the Free Acid form. The Calcium Salt form is what you find in this brand Met-Rx and similar brands such as the ON (Optimum Nutrition) brand; it's what is in most pill forms. The Fee Acid form is what is found in MuscleTechs Clear Muscle LIQUID pills. MuscleTech claims its product is backed by a 12-week study performed by a University. This is true. The actual study findings can be read on the National Institute of Health website. Additionally, the title of the study is "The effects of 12 weeks of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate free acid supplementation on muscle mass, strength, and power in resistance-trained individuals" The key word here is "Free Acid." MuscleTech's product is duplicating this Free Acid form of HMB however this product and most other brands of HMB pills are not; they are using the Calcium Salt form and it is indicated as such on the label of these products. So far, I have not found an HMB pill or tablet that utilizes the Free Acid form of HMB except for MuscleTech. In fact, MuscleTech's patented BetaTor is the "pure, free acid form of HMB." Look at eh BetaTor website for this information. The purpose of this review is to advise you that if you are purchasing this Met-Rx HMB product in lieu of, as a cheaper version, than the MuscleTech Clear Pill product, you are buying the wrong product. They are not the same HMB, not equivalent and will not produce the same intended effects. I don't trust MuscleTech as a company one bit, however the ClearMuscle pill is what it claims to be and will enhance protein synthesis whereas the Calcium Salt form of HMB will not. As explained on the website Examine, an independent and unbiased encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition, "supplementation of HMB prior to an exercise session would require the usage of an HMB free acid rather than a calcium salt." Again, key words, Free Acid. HMB Calcium Salts are used for different purées which is to prevent the breakdown of muscles, which is why it's used for muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS. It could also be used for athletes "cutting," which is using a calorie deficient diet while maintaining a demanding physical training regimen. However, for actual increased synthesis of protein, or amplification, rather than a simple preventative of muscle breakdown, you must use the Free Acid form of HMB. I hope soon to find a supplement that is cheaper and more transparent than MuscleTech's Clear Muscle so I can stop paying the premium of the shiny silver bottle it comes in but I have not found such a product yet. Bottom line, this product does not provide the same HMB as used by Clear Muscle or that of the HMB in the 12-week study displaying results. Read the study, read about HMB on Examine and then make your decision. I was not paid for this review and did not receive any free or discounted products. I just hope you don't unintentionally buy the wrong product (wrong HMB).


Been taking this, every day, for about a month now and I'm very happy with the results. I'm doing weightlifting 3x week and swimming two hours 4x week so I was feeling the strain of the workouts. Also I have patella chondromalacia so I tend to get exhausted a bit sooner than most. But drinking 3 pills/day I feel I recover faster and I'm able to push harder on my training. By all means, this isn't magical. I'm eating right and sleeping enough to help recovery as well. Already bought another but changed brands, SELF(e) because it has a better value.

NCAA coach

I took a Sport Nutrition class at the University of Miami, and the professor touted hydroxymethyl butyrate as one of the only supplements that has studies that back up its effectiveness. I've since tried it on my own, and can back up those claims. It is a good product, my only complaint is that there's a good amount of the powder that has escaped the capsules and is all over the inside of the jar.

John D Branum

I’ve been using this HMB for a couple years now and up until about 6 months ago I was happy with it. For the past several months the bottle has come with several capsules that are torn for apparently not being put together correctly during manufacturing. This causes the powder to spill out in the bottle and get all over all the capsules. The powder taste horrible and I have to clean all the capsules. Obviously, this isn’t ok. I’ve now switch brands and haven’t had any issues.


These are great quality and I find HMB to be very helpful for retaining muscle. I have seen generic HMB at some other web sites which claim they are 1000MG on the label however if you read the supplement facts it's 1,000 MG per serving with 2 caps as the serving size. MET-Rx is a reputable company with high quality products.