Mama’s Select Organic Fenugreek Capsules

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120 Capsules Size
Mama’s Select Organic Fenugreek Capsules
  • 100% ORGANIC – We love babies and mommies. That is why we have developed a High Potency 100% Organic Fenugreek capsule, to give every breastfeeding mother the very best chance to increase their breast milk supply while nursing for a fast lactation boost.
  • HIGH POTENCY – A must have for every lactating mother. Fenugreek herbs and tablets have been used for centuries as an excellent Galactagogue, which drastically increases breast milk supply and let-down. Mama’s Select has taken this one step further to insure you get the highest quality and potency Organic Fenugreek on the market!
  • Breastfeeding Is The Best Feeding- It has shown that breastfeeding not only gives your developing baby the correct vitamins and nutrients your baby needs, also breastfeeding can protect against a variety of illnesses, allergies, obesity, and can help reduce your stress level and postpartum depression.
  • Don’t Give Up On Breastfeeding! Almost all mothers go through breastfeeding problems and breast milk supply issues! You are not alone! Don’t give up until you have tried our Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder! We have tons of customers that tried us out and are now happily breastfeeding today!
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE- We stand behind everything we provide with pride and confidence, and we are sure that you will be blown away with the amount of breast milk you will be producing. But, if for any reason that doesn’t happen, we will refund every penny. No questions asked!


Alexis D.

Fenugreek does help with breastmilk production HOWEVER........LISTEN UP!!! IF you are prone to allergies proceed with caution. Begin Fenugreek with a low dose and gradually increase. It made me stuffy, mucousy, with a cough. My milk production was great though and as soon as I stopped the Fenugreek, within a couple days I was back to normal.

Chasity Shelby

This is my second time purchasing the capsules and they truly work like magic i highly recommend to any mother who is currently nursing and i will definetly stay stocked with this product my milk supply is plentiful. I am confident I'll be able to breastfeed an entire 1 year of my childs life thanks to these fenugreek capsules.

Erin E. Owens

This product came quickly. I've only been using it 7 days and haven't seen a huge increase in volume, but I have seen an improvement in let down while pumping. I've read it can take up to 2 weeks for full benefit. After doing my research I ordered this because of the strength, fenugreek is shown to be more effective in amounts over 3,000 mg. From what I have seen it's the highest dose available. I recently ordered another product through this company and can't wait for it to arrive! Only reason I gave 4 and not 5 stars is because I can't give a full review until after 14 days


These didn’t really do much for me. I know it works for some people though. I just thought I’d try them but it didn’t increase or decrease my supply.


The product is good 100% fenugreek my stomach just couldnt handle it I already have a sensative belly and it gave me bad sour stomach so I had to stop taking it