Maju Superfoods Spirulina Powder

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Maju Superfoods Spirulina Powder
  • BETTER than Organic – We are pesticide free, but not “organic.” Organic Spirulina is harvested using organic fertilizers intended for soil which typically contain excessive heavy metals. Organic spirulina typically undergoes a potentially dangerous irradiation process. Once you try our clean California Spirulina, you’ll never go back. Our Spirulina will engulf your senses with a crazy natural algae smell that you’ll get nowhere else–you may feel like Poseidon himself once you give it a try.
  • Be Wary of Chinese Spirulina – Chinese spirulina is rampant on the market, however anyone who has experienced high quality Spirulina can instantly tell the difference. Our Spirulina is California Grown, Non-GMO, & Pesticide Free. Avoid the nasty swampy smell. Try Maju’s Spirulina.
  • FREE eBook “Mastering Superfoods” Instantly on Purchase – We will send you our top spirulina recipes, as well as a few more just as our way of spreading the green power message!!
  • SUPERFOOD ALGAE – This raw, mineral rich powdered protein burst is a natural way to give your juice a vitamin & nutrients boost. Goes great with barleygrass, chorella, wheatgrass, and more. Simply the best spirulina on Amazon!
  • Maju’s History – We are passionate about our health. We created Maju a few years back with a simple mission–offer the cleanest and most potent superfoods on the planet at a reasonable price. Chat with us and you will notice that we truly care about what we sell.



I love this product. I was skeptical about the flavor at first but a prior review said it's not so intense and almost rather a sweet taste to it. I already take powdered wheat grass so transitioning to an algae wasn't too bad for me but still I was pleasantly surprised. I mix this with my watered down juice and it's really helpful for my body. I have a very demanding schedule so this really helps with the fatigue and over all well being combined with eating healthy. They also sent me follow up emails to make sure I got the product. Overall, I am very pleased and am grateful. I will be ordering again when the time comes.


I always recommend Maju spirulina as a nutritionist, because it's one of the few that guarantees pesticide, heavy metal, and radiation free, and they don't use high heat in the processing. AND, it's a great value compared to other spirulina products. I myself have noticed a subtle, yet noticeable, difference in overall energy after a few weeks of taking the product at 1 tsp twice a day. But I would start at 1/4 tsp once a day and work your way up slowly every 4th day by a 1/4 tsp; otherwise, you will most likely go through detox symptoms. Yes, this product IS that potent and powerful. That just tells you the nutrients remain in tact through processing in this product. Like all REAL spirulina, the only thing unpleasant is the taste, but it's small price to pay for giving yourself all the benefits of one of the healthiest superfoods on the planet. Also, due to the high zeaxanthin content (great for eyesight), I noticed I can read tiny print once again!


Ok, so I got this right on time and couldn't wait to try it I mixed it with some carrot juice and it was clumpy but I still drank it clumps an all after about an hour I felt strangely energetic and it lasted all day. Today I only ate lunch and around 9pm I started to feel a little hungry I wanted something nutritious that wasn't a meal as I scanned the fridge I came across a avocado and some chips. The avocado wasn't as soft as I wanted it for dip so I added a teaspoon of spurilina, veganaise, hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, chia seeds, flax seeds, truffle oil and a pinch of salt put it in the mini processor and OMG...I had no idea how it was going to taste but it was delicious. I am a plant food eater and this tasted like the pate I used to eat years ago it was very meaty tasting and after a few chips I was so full. I was thinking of different ways I could incorporate this in my diet besides smoothies and now I know it will be good in dips. Tomorrow I am going to try it in my grits...that ought to be interesting for now I give it 5 stars because of the on time delivery, the packaging, the taste and the energy affect I hope with longer use I will have more health benefits. The spurilina itself taste like the dried seaweed I eat for a snack and smells fishy but it doesn't taste fishy when mixed with foods or drink.


I would of gave it 5 stars but the product is expensive, well, at least for me it is because I am taking 3 teaspoons a day to take my low white blood cell counts out of leukemia territory and raise it up a couple thousand microliters. I researched the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. I learned that Soviet physicians gave 5 grams of Spirulina to radiation-exposed children for 45 consecutive days. After 20 days, white blood cell counts of about 1,000 rose to 3,000! This is my goal. It is a good solid powder. I have ordered more than once and the powder always comes in a deep, dark green color and a great fresh taste. It tastes like green algae, not going to lie. But while consuming, you can feel the wholesome goodness of it. Very fresh! And I add squeezed lemon juice to it and it makes a great quick smoothie. The green powder gets everywhere it your not careful, but it cleanes up nicely.

Georgia Treacy

Your spirulina seems to be very effective, I originally ordered it for detoxing, but I think the vitamin A in it helped my eyes., also my energy has increased